Future predictions for comedy – What does the future have in store for this type of art?

Majority of the comedians who are working in the 21st century are all trying to figure out what exactly is going to happen to their career in the near future. If you’re aware of the bigger picture, you would know that Dane Cook helped his career while he dominated MySpace even more quickly than all of his peers. But as per what the peers have to say, by the time you come to know about the successful strategies, everyone comes to know about them and you’re no more at an advantage. So, if you’re one among today’s comedians who are looking for insights into where comedy is actually going, you should know about some such predictions.

Gone are the days of comedy through words – Bodily sounds will revolutionize

You may not derive a lot of sense out of this right now but as there is growth in technology and there is a shrink in attention span, there will be much less demand for memes which are dependent on 10-12 words. Instead, there will be more demand for memes which feature instantaneously on humorous sounds made within our body. Among such sounds, George Takei Fart is probably going to set the trend.

It’s high time for honor – Peele and Key will be honored

After completing 12 seasons on Comedy Central, there are 2 ace comedians who will be honored at the Kennedy Center. Through a teary-eyed speech, they will acknowledge the huge contribution of Carlos Menica, Clarence Thomas and Jeff Dunham. Their trail of sketch comedy glory that they gave is something that is unforgettable.

Time for an alternative – There will be a new alternative to comedy

Within a few decades from now, a person who has played high school sports and who has never read a comic book can craft his act around engaging and humorous stories. They will have a good grip on shorter sources of humor which are based on the duality and consecutive punchlines. He can also bring about a change in the foundation of comedy.

Serving the fans – Comedians have to do chores for their fans

If there’s a comedy hunt a few years from now, you will get a lot of comedians as everybody will then start considering themselves as comedians. What would you need to give your fans for garnering support? The level of things will gradually reach unprecedented levels as comedians will then start doing chores for their fans in order to pick up fan support and twitter followers. Soon after the trend of free downloads and comping for tickets will no longer be a good enough trend for the fans.
Therefore, if you’re a stand-up comedian who is interested to know about the way in which this will move in the near future, you should consider the above mentioned points. Plan your career accordingly so that you don’t have to suffer in the long run.

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