Give Wings to your Career with an MBA Degree

MBA is currently enjoying unprecedented popularity in India with lakhs of students taking various popular management entrance tests to obtain admission in an MBA institute of their choice.  The tremendous popularity of this two year professional post-graduate degree, which prepares participants for middle and senior level management positions, is not hard to decipher as MBA graduates on average earn more than 50 per cent in compared to simple graduates who have a degree in other discipline. This, however, is true only for top grade business schools that possess the infrastructure, faculty and the facilities to develop job ready graduates who can start contributing meaningfully to their organization right from day one. The same, unfortunately, cannot be said for low quality management schools that have recently mushroomed in all nooks and corners of the country. 

Demand gives rise to supply and the intense demand for an MBA degree has encouraged this low quality management institutes to set shop in different parts of the country. They do little else than take advantage of this craze  in the country for an MBA degree as many students wrongly believe that an MBA degree irrespective of from where it is obtained can help them instantly secure a top paying job with a top organization.  This sadly is a fallacy as MBA degree holders from bottom rung institutes realise to their horror that there is no demand for them in the job market. After wasting two precious years of their lives and spending lakhs of rupees, they come face to face with the painful reality that there degree for all intents and purposes is worthless in the marketplace.

Top rated business schools in on the other hand present an entirely different picture by give a totally new definition to excellence. MBA courses in Mumbai or anywhere else offered by top notch business schools comprehensively fulfil their objective of developing competent and confident management professionals who prove to be a real asset for their organizations. Modern and relevant MBA course in Mumbai or anywhere else in India steer the careers of their students in the right direction by providing them a global overview of business and the challenges and opportunities they are likely to encounter in modern business environment.  

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