A growth in the trend has been witnessed in the recent years when it comes to the number of people opting for government jobs in India. The key reason for this trend is that government jobs offer a sense of security to people in comparison to jobs in private sector.

In addition to the salary, a lot of other benefits including pension compels the people to seek security offered by the government jobs. It is every individual’s dream to have an earn a good income.Government of India releases many opportunities in variety of sectors each year. Government jobs in India are categorized into two groups:

Central government jobs
State government jobs

Central government jobs are associated with departments such as the central railways, income tax department, executive and the judiciary. State government jobs include jobs in financial institutions, banking, judiciary and several other departments.

Benefits of government jobs in India:

The employee under the Central government gets several benefits including better emoluments, medical facilities, housing loan facilities, gratuity, provident fund and bonus. The employee of the state government comes under the regulations of state government.

The emoluments and salary is less in comparison to an employee in the central government service. The major benefits cover

1.Basic monthly salary+ housing rent allowance+dearness allowance

2.Gratuity, which refers to additional fifteen days of salary per year
3.Annual bonus
4.Retirement benefits which includes salary arrears, insurance, provident fun and a lot more other benefits.

Pension benefits:

Half of the salary is offered as pension to an employee after retirement. In case of the death of the employee, the wife continues to receive pension. After the death of the employee, the employee’s child is offered assistance in case the child has physical disability. It would not be wrong to say the government jobs in India offers security to the entire family of the employee. It becomes easy for the family to avail loan for the purpose of housing and education.

The medical expenses also get covered. Women employees are offered maternity and medical benefits. It is not easy to secure job in the state or central government. An individual has to clear written test and interview in addition to possessing the required qualifications. On an annual basis, vacancies are released in railway, bank, industry and education sectors. It is crucial to prepare for the vacancies in advance. Lucrative positions are offered in the home ministry, planning commission, research institutions and other government run organizations.

Government jobs in India promise better living conditions and facilities. Despite of the increase in the multinational companies in India, the craze for government jobs still persists. Government jobs offer security throughout one’s life. Government jobs in India are known for their credibility and reliability. The huge monetary benefits offered cannot be ignored. The entry level salaries in government organizations are more than what private sectors generally offer.

There has been a tremendous reform in the pay structure and the benefits being offered by government jobs in India and the craze for these jobs does not seem to die away.

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