Gearing up for an online programme? Or are you still wondering whether online education will be beneficial for you? The fact is, today innumerable students and professionals are earning online degrees either to pursue further studies or to start their careers or to progress to leadership roles. With the rising costs of tuition fees in colleges and universities across the US, the UK and other countries, many aspiring learners are opting for online courses as the next best alternative. Currently, you can find numerous individuals across the United States at different stages of life pursuing some online programmes to better their personal and professional lives.

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Americans Love Online Learning

Report says, at present, the national student loan debt in the US is about 1.2 trillion dollars. This is really an alarming number, but not really a surprising one. With constantly rising cost of college degrees, students and their parents are incapable of funding their education and hence turn to student loans for completing their degrees. However, online learning offers an excellent opportunity to study what you want, earn an accredited degree and evade the burden of crippling student debts. This is perhaps one of the biggest reasons why so many people now prefer studying online over traditional classroom based education.

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Currently, 36 percent of US citizens have enrolled in an online academic course. This number is primarily dominated by millennials with more than 46 per cent. However, more than 28 per cent of Americans over the age of 55 years are also taking part in some kind of online education. Moreover, nearly 35 per cent of all US citizens are willing to pursue an online learning programme in the coming 12 months.

Growing Demand For Online Study

Among the adult individuals in the United States who have pursued some type of an online education course, around 57 per cent have participated in single classes beyond a full programme. However, more than 40 per cent of such students have pursued a full programme that led to an accreditation. More than 20 per cent of such Americans have pursued a full online programme that has led to either a degree or a postgraduate degree.

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It was found that for all US citizens, the highest awareness of online education was for the University of Phoenix with 65 per cent; and the DeVry University with 58 per cent. Over 9 per cent of all Americans know about ITunes U but this number is mainly dominated by millennials with 14 per cent, as compared to merely 4 per cent of American over the age of 55.

Get Your Degree Online

The truth is online education has become one of the best ways to earn a degree today. It not only enables you to earn a recognised degree in your preferred field, but it also allows you to study how you want and when you want. Earning an online degree from reputed universities in the UK and US will help you get lucrative job opportunities and establish your career. Studying an online degree from UK will offer you excellent flexibility so that you can work and gain experience while you study. Moreover, you can also choose to study from your home or workplace as there is no need for physically attending classes.

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The Bottom Line

Opting for graduate diploma courses from UK will help you to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills for your preferred industry and also boost your employability. This will make you eligible for a wide array of job opportunities across the globe and empower you to build a lucrative career.

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