At some point, many internet users have come across what is known as the “Dark Web” or the “Deep Web.” Whether they’re exposed to it directly or passively, people often find themselves roused with interest in this encrypted online world.

This is especially true when the concept of the dark or deep web is being serialized in popular TV shows like CSI Cyber Crimes. But, unfortunately,all these shows portray are simple keystrokes and back tracing to eventually solve a crime. In reality, there is much more to be comprehended about the hidden internet.

The sites can only be accessed through special software, which may be unfamiliar to most of us. There is also the knownor rather assumed fact that most people who indulge in the dark and deep web are criminally motivated but just like a candy store, anything and everything is available.

That’s why it is important for users to educate themselves on this growing online entity. A solid place to start is Dark Web News, a site that provides news about encrypted networks as well as anonymous forums where people can air their perspectives about the dark web.It also provides an oversight of what to expect once you are connected to the dark or deep web, and gives you actual links to access the information you may be seeking to find. 

According to Dark Web News, there are a series of steps that must be followed when you access the dark or deep web.

First, you need to purchase a good VPN (Virtual Private Network) and always use it on the sites you browse—no matter what they are.

VPN provides you with a cover of anonymity and gives you a back door to blocked or prohibited sites, especially in some countries like the United States. It also protects you from cyber attacks, where your identity can be assumed or accessed your personal information could be breached.

A good VPN should also provide the option of storing no logs of your browser history to enhance your protection and anonymity. You should get a fast-performing VPN and of course get one that accepts other payment modes like Bitcoin.

Secondly, install a browser to enter the dark web. The best in the market is Tor, as it also provides anonymity. This is a key precaution when scouring around the dark web, no matter how innocent your intentions maybe.

Both Tor and VPN software can be used at once, and both improve your chances to remain anonymous. If you have a good powerful machine like Mac OSX or Linux then you are already covered, as Tor will automatically run like any other software without needing installation.

Another great component to Tor is that it is self-contained, meaning you can easily export the software to a flash drive and transfer it to another machine where it can continue functioning.

Lastly, when Tor (and VPN) are up and running, you can comfortably enter your desired deep web page address just like how you would normally do on the surface web. The system will then route you to the site’s homepage.

Once you’re truly connected to the dark web, you can access all the hidden sites you've been wanting. Statistics show that the dark web represents around 96 percent of the internet that’s unseen to the public. Only 4 percent of the internet can be accessed using mainstream web browsing software like Chrome or Firefox, and through indexed search engines like Google.

The dark and deep web hold untold truths. And now, by following a simple set of steps, you can be your own judge of what really goes around the hidden internet. Dark Web News can also give you a clearer perspective on any queries you may have concerning these steps, or the deep and dark web entities themselves.

Armed with this information, you can now quench your thirst, clearing the myths or questions that you may have. The dark and deep web are only a key stroke away from you.


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