Gun-Related violence in our schools is killing our children

Gun-related violence is killing our children at school on a regular basis. No matter how you decipher the statistics, the facts dictate that our schools are becoming a killing zone. Here, you can follow the events as they unfold. Statistically, since 2013, there has been a school-shooting on an average of every thirteen days somewhere in America.

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We understand that no person wants their child to be injured, nor to be the sibling of a dead school-aged family member. To bring awareness of this problem, the #OneMoreDay campaign was created. At the center of this movement is the independent film “Unanswered.” It takes the viewer inside of a classroom, moments after an act of violence. The haunting presence in that classroom is the lack of any distinct sound, except for the cell phones that begin to ring. The chilling factor is the lack of voices that will never be able to tell their tale. There is no possibility to tell a parent “I love you.” - no opportunity to plead for help.


At the core of this project, are the students caught in the crosshairs of this issue. What do they have to say about preventing gun violence in their own schools? In order to listen, the film crew traveled to Revere High School in Massachusetts. There, they sat down and had very blunt discussions which provided a unique insight to the students' fears and their dreams. These students provided a sobering counterpoint to the film “Unanswered”, which represents the voices of the students who can never speak again.


New York filmmaker and director Andrew Wonder crafted this film. He is acutely aware of the problems facing today's schools. A former school teacher, Wonder understands the needs of the students and their families. As a director and cinematographer, he possesses the tools to tell this complicated story. As he thinks about the shootings in the schools, he's concerned about the ringing cell phones that will never be answered. He is concerned about those voices that will never be heard from again.


Andrew explained, “Our goal with the #OneMoreDay campaign is to go beyond views, likes, and reposts on social media in order to truly make a difference. Thoughtful action is necessary, so we ask our audience to make personal pledges in the pursuit of preventing gun violence in their schools. What will they do to help their peers feel comfortable and make their communities safe and positive?”


The reasons for guns entering our schools are as diverse as the collective student body. How we deal with issues of pain, anger, embarrassment, and abandonment all affect how we interact with those around us.


Please understand, this discussion is not about gun control. We are concerned about reducing gun-related violence in our schools. These are two very different issues. Related, but different. In anger, almost any item can be used as a weapon.


Statistics show that of the students interviewed, 5.4% reported carrying a weapon (gun, knife or club) on school property on one or more days in the 30 days preceding the survey. That's more than one-in-twenty students, in almost any school, anywhere, at any time. Think about it. Look up from your phone and look at the people around you right now. Think about it.


What can you do? Take a pledge to reduce school gun-related violence in your school. #OneMoreDay was created to bring awareness to this issue and the create functional solutions to this problem. All movements start with a single action. We ask, will your's be a positive action or a reaction to someone else's anger? Your community, your school, and your life are molded by the actions that you do or do not take every single day. It's time for you to decide. What are you going to do?


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