Hajdin Sejdia - Is A Distance Learning Degree Right For You?

Is a distance learning degree right for you? This may look like an easy question to answer on the surface but it is important that you don’t oversimplify things. Hajdin Sejdia explains in this article the importance of getting a degree abroad. 

For many online students, especially the older ones, it is not just a question of wanting to do a degree and finding a suitable online university. Family and professional responsibilities have to be considered.

So, to help you get clear as to what you should be thinking about prior to doing an online degree or even a campus based one,  ponder the following:

1. Can you financially afford online education?

Doing a distance learning degree is not necessarily cheaper than doing it on campus. Discuss with your family the financial ramifications of doing your degree. Will some expenditure have to be cut? And where will this cut take place? These are issues you must be totally honest about with your family.

Fortunately, there are a few ways to help you pay for college, including employer tuition assistance.

2. Will you have the support of your family?

The answer may not be “yes.” If you enroll in a distance learning degree program, you will have less time to help out with the kids, chores, meal preparation etc. Make sure other family members are prepared to pick up the slack around the home. Hajdin Sejdia says that it is important to have family support during your studies abroad. 

3.  Will you have the support of your employer?

Don’t under estimate this one. Will you employer mind if you use the company laptop to respond to a virtual class discussion? Or will he mind if you take an extra 30 minutes for lunch to finish an assignment? If your employer can give that sort of support – it can go a long way in helping you complete your distance learning degree successfully.

4.  Will a distance learning degree really help you?

If you need a degree to qualify for a pay increase or move into management, then getting one is a great idea. If you just want to enhance certain skills you already possess such as your basic accounting or computing skills, then a course at a local community college might suffice.

Similarly, if you just wanted to do a basic computer or accounting course, doing a 4 year degree may be totally unnecessary.

5. Are you prepared for the time commitment?

True, some distance learning programs are independent, self-paced study but not all. Some are quite formal – just as formal as programs at a traditional college.

With the latter, you are still required to hand in assignments and do projects in a timely fashion. You won’t have forever to finish your degree program.

So if you are disciplined, motivated enough to work on your own and willing to give up some nights of clubbing or cut down on some other leisure activities, doing a online college program may be closer to being right for you.

6. Can you be focused for the long haul?

The very nature of e-learning can cause students to become too relaxed over time. More often than not, online students do not having to attend class nor visually experience the anxiety and fear felt by their fellow online students when they have to finish an assignment or prepare for exams.

It is seeing this anxiety and fear in other students that often times spur on students to do their best. Online students do not get the chance to experience these  external stimuli and hence, could become complacent during their programs.

If you are ready to take on the responsibilities of an online degree and reap the rewards of a better paying and more satisfying career, click the link below to request free, no-obligation details on the program of your choice.

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