Harm and Usefulness of Homework Services

When we hear about homework assistance services what we usually immediately think about websites where a student can submit a task and receive an answer he can submit on his own without learning anything about thesubject. The academic community is understandably wary of such agencies – after all, homework is an essential part of learning process, and such services severely undermine its usefulness in teaching students how to work independently, without assistance.

However, not all homework services are like this. A small but important part of them doesn’t limit themselves to merely providing answers to students' assignments. In addition to that, they are always ready to give a detailed explanation of why the assignment has to be done in this particular way, regularly post video tutorials on YouTube and in general help students in a variety of ways. If a student is careful to stick to homework help services of this type, they can actually do much good – which is exactly what we will discuss in this article.

1.     They Help Those Who Have Missed an Explanation

There are few things more frustrating than trying to complete a homework assignment after having missed an explanation due to this or that reason. Whether it is because you had to skip a class or misunderstood your teacher, or wasn’t able to follow an explanation, doing homework in such conditions means that you find yourself completely alone, without anybody to turn to. Homework help services may be one’s method of last resort exactly for such situations – a skilled specialist will explain the finer points of the task and assist you so that you catch up with your peers and don’t have to lag behind.

2.     They Increase Motivation to Study

When a student has too much on his plate and feels overwhelmed by different aspects of his life (studies, social life, work, relationships in the family), his motivation to deal with studies may plummet to zero. If you have somebody who can quietly and carefully explain the aspects of your homework assignment you don’t understand, then you are lucky. But if you don’t have anybody of the kind in your immediate social circle, you may be tempted to let it go completely and follow the line of least resistance, i.e., get behind your class and eventually get into much more trouble. Having a qualified specialist to whom you can turn at any moment can mean all the difference in the world when you are one step away from giving up. This bit of extra motivation can hardly be overestimated.

3.     They Take the Load off the Teacher’s Shoulders

No matter how big or small a particular class is, the teacher can never dedicate the same amount of attention to each student. In addition to that, there will always be students who are reluctant to ask their teacher for help, and there are still more students in need of assistance than any single teacher can deal with. If they have a reliable homework help service to turn to, it means that they no longer miss deadlines because they didn't understand the task, no longer "forget" their homework at home, and no longer lag behind, slowing down the entire class.

4.     They Can Help Individual Students

Not all students can understand an explanation when it is given in front of an entire class. Quite often, they are too distracted to grasp the finer points, and by the end of a class, they know precisely the same things they knew before it started. These students aren’t stupid; they simply need individual attention to explain things to them, and our traditional educational system just doesn’t work this way. If they hire a high-quality homework help service, they get exactly what they need – explanations explicitly tailored for them and given directly to them. A specialist from a service will explain things using examples from their current homework, making it easier to understand and follow.

As you can see, homework assistance services needn’t be harmful organizations that ruin the learning process. Some of them pursue the same goals as the teachers – to show students how to solve problems, to teach them how to work independently, to demonstrate how to deal with complicated situations even when the task seems to be impossible.

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