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Share some HCDA H12-211 exam questions and answers below.
A company has 50 Private IP addresses. The administrator access to the public network using NAT technology, and the company has only one public network address available, which of the following NAT conversion ways can meet the requirement? 
A. Static Transfer 
B. Dynamic Conversion 
C. easy-ip 
Answer: C

When configuring DHCPv6 in the VRP system, which of DUID formats can be configurated? (Multiple Choice) 
Answer: AB

UDP is connectionless, which you must use to provide transmission reliability. 249 
A. Internet Protocol 
B. Application Layer protocol 
C. Network Layer Protocol 
D. Transmission Control Protocol 
Answer: B

Which of ICMP TTL timeout message will Tracert Diagnostic Tool record, thereby providing packet reaches the destination IP address to the user? 
A. Destination port 
B. Source port 
C. Destination IP Address 
D. Source IP address 
Answer: D

On the router, which command can be used to display the mapping relationship between the network address and the DLCI? 
A. display fr interface 
B. display fr 
C. display fr map-info 
D. display fr brief 
Answer: C

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