Here Are 10 Study Tips. And They’re Backed By Science

Many people associate the process of learning with endless hours of reading textbooks, rereading the same material over and over again in desperate attempts to memorize new information. All these exhausting methods of learning are often perceived as proven and reliable. But in fact, they lack scientific confirmation and are less effective than we believe!

In fact, such tips as “study one subject for a long time, until you memorize the needed data,” “don’t get distracted,” and other similar pieces of advice in practice are really useless. Are there more effective tips? Since the methods that we all use are not too efficient, let’s look at some new tips backed by scientific studies!

Top 10 Scientifically Proven Study Tips!

Recall information instead of reading a textbook one more time!

In attempt to learn the needed information, students often make a big mistake – they spend hours on rereading the textbook instead of trying to recall the learned data from their memory. The study proves that it is better to set your textbook aside; it encourages students to try to memorize what they’ve just read.

Move More!

This study (as well as many others, conducted by different scientists and organizations) confirms that regular physical exercises can help you not only stay fit but also enhance your memory. Add at least half an hour of light cardio exercises to your weekly schedule, and soon you will see notable results in improvement of your memory and higher productivity!

Test your knowledge!

Of course, it is important to complete your homework and read the assigned chapters from the textbook, but the best way to ensure that you have memorized the learned material is to test yourself! By examining yourself regularly, you will be able to identify what gaps you still have to fill them in, and you will also train your memory!

Get enough rest!

Studying all night long before an important exam or writing a paper at night may seem quite effective but, in fact, pushing it to your limits can actually cause many negative consequences and ruin your productivity! That is why it is vital to sleep and make small breaks to give your brain to relax and regain strength; otherwise, you can face issues with memory and your brain’s ability to store and process the information. Don’t forget to rest! And if your deadline does not allow you to relax, sometimes it is better to ask for help (you can find efficient assistance at instead of forcing yourself to do something!

Drink enough water!

This tip is effective not only for production workflow but also for proper functioning of your body and brain because water is one of the essential “fuels” for many processes in our body. Thus, not getting enough water, you will not only feel worse but also decrease your productivity and harm your memory!

Change your focus!

Studying only one subject for a long time is not only exhausting, but also absolutely ineffective; instead, you should try to switch your focus occasionally! Study one subject for 30-40 minutes, then make a short break and move to another one – this will help keep your brain toned and focused!

Change locations!

Often, unconsciously we tend to do our homework or work at one spot. However, it is a proven fact that frequent change of location is an excellent way to improve the process of memorizing the learned material!

Don’t always give preference to gadgets!

With a fast technological progress and large abundance of gadgets, we often give preferences to use a laptop or phone to make notes instead of writing them on paper. However, scientific studies assure us that students who take written notes tend to learn faster and more efficiently than those who prefer to use their gadgets.

Make small breaks!

Studies prove that if you make 20-minute breaks after every hour of studying, you will perceive the information much better!

Stay confident!

Sometimes, to pass an exam or perform a difficult task – all you need is to assure yourself that you can make it and increase your self-confidence! That is where you can benefit from a so-called “power pose” that reduces stress and increases confidence!

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