Here’s how a CISSP Certification Can Change Your Career

A career in InfoSec comes loaded with a number of responsibilities and some weighty, heavy choices. As cyber security becomes a bigger issue and a greater risk today than ever, quality  trained InfoSec professionals become more and more coveted – but the key here lies in quality.

Companies want people in their team whom they can rely on, trust, and talk to – but they also want to see proof that accounts for their choices’ skill and experience.

In an industry with a very high learning curve and a dire need for differentiation aside from sheer experience, certifications were born. Among the most significant certifications for aspiring professionals in the information security market, is the CISSP certification. Known more specifically as the Certified Information Systems Security Professional Certification, as per TechTarget, the CISSP certification carries with it a number of benefits.


CISSP is vendor-neutral, globally recognized Techno managerial, and it’s a certification that human resources departments everywhere love. Despite allegations that it’s becoming easier and easier to get a CISSP, CISSP holders still rank significantly in terms of average annual salaries, as per the InfoSec Institute – over $110,000 a year for CISSP holders in Washington, DC, and even more in New York. This is with roughly a decade or more experience in the industry.

There are less than 90,000 CISSP holders in the world as of late 2016, and while the number is growing, the professionals holding this certification are all esteemed and knowledgeable in the field of information security. They also had to work hard for their certification.

CISSP training, is no walk in the park. And this is especially true when working with a qualified training provider like Koenig Solutions. CISSP trainingisn’t just about teaching the fundamentals and theories, and maintaining the skill and professional expertise of certification holders with regular renewal exams. A good training provider will offer you a comprehensive, hefty and qualitative training program, for a reasonable cost.

As per InfoWorld, the demand for capable information security professionals is not going to diminish anytime soon. In fact, it’ll only increase as larger companies are ever at-risk to continuously-evolving cyber threats and a heated political and unethically competitive environment.

So, Is It Worth It?

The short answer is: yes. The longer answer is: yes, and for several reasons.

The first reason is that CISSP is more than a badge-of-honor, or some display of elitism. It is a display of financial and professional dedication to your field, and a sign that you are a serious professional who continues to study in their field in order to perform better than the competition, and continuously be a step ahead.

The second reason is that CISSP does indeed affect hiring decisions. There is a direct correlation between CISSP holders and better salaries, as the certification allows you to leverage for a much better deal than without the certification.

Finally, a CISSP is more than showing off that you’ve passed a test. The test is where it begins – but it goes much further than that. And you too can go much further in your career with CISSP. 

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