How Computer Skills Tests Help Reduce Employee Turnover

Losing employees hurts businesses in every industry and results in lost productivity and low morale. Therefore, it is important to thoroughly evaluate candidates before hiring them. This cannot be done effectively with the limited information on a resume, information collected during interviews, and from references. The best way to eliminate the risk of hiring the wrong person is to use pre-employment skills tests. These are some ways employment testing solutions such as computer skills tests help organizations reduce employee turnover.

Identify the Best Talent - Using testing solutions helps you ensure new hires possess the skills necessary for the job and decreases the chance of hiring “mistakes.” In addition, when you select employees who are well-matched to a particular job, it reduces turnover rate. The new hires will likely be more successful during onboarding and ramp up, which will lead to better long-term retention.

Provides Objective Information - A good pre-employment assessment test provides objective and accurate information about a candidate by providing a fair and impartial evaluation of whether a candidate is suitable for a job. It is rarely possible to make this type of evaluation by relying on traditional sources of information.

Brings Uniformity to the Selection Process - There is absolute uniformity in pre-assessment testing solutions and they are strictly related to job criteria. While the reliability of results from interviews and call screening can vary from one candidate to another, pre-employment tests are standardized and presented to all candidates in the same manner. Therefore, you know whether the candidate has the right computer knowledge for the job.

Provides Quantifiable Insights - It is not a good idea to rely on the gut feelings of recruiters because it could result in bad hiring decisions. It is also not legally defensible if a candidate files a lawsuit for discriminatory hiring practices. However, the results of structured tests conducted before employment provide measurable data so you can show why a candidate was or was not selected. Furthermore, when you have actionable data in the form of test results, it becomes easier to take corrective action to ensure employee retention.

Manage Employees More Effectively - Employment testing helps you understand employees’ strengths and weaknesses, which helps you manage and motivate them. In addition to specific tests related to individual competencies such as a computer skills assessment test, you can conduct behavioral and personality tests on employees so you can better understand their soft skills and abilities to work on technical and product teams. You can use this information to motivate them, which will lead to an increase in productivity and a reduction in employee turnover.

By using reliable pre-employment skills assessment tests, you can find the best talent for your organization and considerably reduce employee turnover.

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