How do Companies Conduct Excel Testing?

Business enterprises need to hire employees on a systematic basis for various job profiles at different levels of management. Some employees are hired on a large scale depending on the work that needs to be done. Most of the initial level, fresher candidates with little or no work experience are hired for basic jobs based on their educational qualifications. They are trained on the nuances of the job once the enterprise hires them.But this hiring process is no simple thing. It involves time, effort, money to design a screening test, shortlist the eligible candidates, conduct personal interviews and finally decide on the candidates who would be an asset to the enterprise.

To help enterprises handle the entire process, companies have come up with an innovative idea of conducting online pre-employment screening tests. The leading companies in the market have till date assisted numerous famous brands, medium-sized enterprises, and some small scale businesses to conduct quality tests to select candidates for employment.

Excel Testing is one of the test these companies conduct on behalf of the enterprises. Candidates are tested for their skills in Microsoft Excel either as part of the Microsoft Office test or as an individual test which focuses on only the Excel related skills of the candidates along with some common computer operations.

Microsoft has released various versions of Office package and the enterprises can decide the version they wanted the test to be conducted. It will depend on what they are using in their enterprises.

  • MS Office 2000- Excel
  • MS Office 2003- Excel
  • MS Office 2007- Excel
  • MS Office 2010- Excel (Functions and Silumation)
  • MS Office 2013- Excel Simulation
  • MS Office 2016- Excel Simulation (AUS/ NZ)
  • MS Office 2019- Excel
  • MS Office 365
  • MS Office XP- Excel

Each of the above has in -depth topics related to the functions, formulae, charts, graphs, macros, using Help features, using excel online, formatting, tables, sorting, security, etc.

The leading company in the market which conducts the pre-employment tests for the business enterprises has the following aspects that make them one of the best.

  • Expert Guidance
  1. Every enterprise will be provided with a Test Advisor who will help the personnel involved to design a perfect test form that matches all the requirements of the job.
  2. The enterprises can choose from pre-designed test forms, or make changes to an existing form by adding questions according to the specifications.
  3. The Test Advisor will handle the process, reducing the workload on the employees of the enterprise.
  • Vast Database to Choose From
  1. Covering all subjects from healthcare to marketing to business analysis or data entry and financial assessment, the company maintains a database that includes topics to conduct tests in any subject for any job description.
  2. The enterprises can choose to mix various topics and design a test of their own. In fact, the enterprises can create a new test form by adding questions about their enterprise to the test form.
  • Solutions and Integrations
  1. The company’s test system can export data to most of the HR system used by enterprises.
  2. This makes it easier for the personnel to work on a single system or platform without having to simultaneously work on multiple systems.
  • Full Compliance
  1. The test conducted will be exactly according to the specifications of the enterprise.
  2. Every test form can be fully customized as per requirements.
  • Advanced Simulations
  1. The test forms are advanced versions which can adapt to the browser specifications.
  2. The online tests conducted can include images and audio formats.
  • Pricing
  1. The pricing has been broadly classified into five types of packages.
  2. The enterprises can select a package according to the services they want to be included along with the pre-employment test.

Excel Testing is one of the common tests the company conducts on a regular basis of numerous enterprises.

Along with conducting the tests, the company will shortlist the eligible candidates based on the test performance. The list will be provided to the enterprises to help simplify their work. They offer round the clock assistance to the enterprise.

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