How Does CompTIA's Project+ Compare to PMI's PMP

CompTIA Project+ certification

This certification is awarded by CompTIA or Computing Technology Industry Association, which is a non-profit organization and association that issues many other professional certifications within the IT or information technology segment. The Project+ certification was started in the year 2001 and was updated later in the year 2003. The certification exam has a 90-minute duration and a maximum of a hundred multiple choice questions can be asked of the candidates during this time. The cost of the exam is the US $285.

Project+ can be said to be more close to the CAPM or Certified Associate in Project Management certification of PMI. It is a stepping stone to the project manager professional category and hence may not compare with the more advanced PMP certification. While CompTIA recommends that candidates have a certain level of basic understanding of the rules and fundamental concepts related to project management, there are no essential eligibility conditions or requirements related to education and work experience.

PMP certification

The PMP or Project Management Professional certification is awarded by PMI or Project Management Institute, which is a US-based non-profit and professional body in the realm of project management. The industry standards set by PMI in the field of project management and knowledge have been recognized by ANSI or American National Standards Institute. PMP is recognized throughout the globe and more than 833,000 PMP certification holders have proved their worth in the real world.

There are several prerequisites or eligibility conditions that one has to meet in order to be to appear for the PMP examination. One needs to have an experience of 4,500 hours towards leading or managing projects after a 4-year degree. For those having a secondary degree, a total of 7500 working hours of work experience is required. Apart from these conditions, the candidate should also have received 35 hours of education in project management. The PMP examination consists of 200 questions that are multiple choice in nature (MCQs). The cost of the exam is $450.

A PMP certified project manager can only maintain his/her qualification by gathering 60 PDUs or Professional Development Units within a time period of 3 years after attaining the PMP certification. This 3-year cycle continues henceforth as well and hence the PMP certification holders need to continuously improve their skills, knowledge, and expertise in order to keep the certification.

Which one to pursue

The PMP certification will bring to you many more job opportunities and will also help you get a higher rank and greater salary. The certification is in great demand today and if you meet the proper eligibility conditions, you can pursue this course and have a bright future and career.

If you are new to project management and do not have the proper experience in this field or may not meet the other requirements of the project management certification of PMP, you can go for the Project+ certification. The PMP, on the other hand, is for those professionals who have good amounts of experience in the project management field, have documents that can prove their experience and are ready for the expert roles.

You can opt for the PMP or the CompTIA Project+ certification online from any leading education service web portal. Hands-on PMP training in real-world projects, offline or online classrooms, instructor-led mentoring and availability of all kinds of learning and practice materials help you excel in the project management certification exams.

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