How Homework Can Have Both A Positive And Negative Effect On Your Child

Acquiring an education is a good thing. It will definitely have a positive impact on your future, no matter where you are at in the world. Anytime there is the talk of getting a proper education, then, there is also the topic of homework. There are many debates that have circled around this topic. Many teachers and parents argue that giving a child homework can have some negative impacts on his or her educational growth. Others tend to disagree. Others tend to believe that having homework is a good thing. Some of the parents debate that they had it when they were younger, so, why not their own child?

Today we are here to follow up this debate with a list of pros and cons of giving your child homework, as a follow-up to their daily educational skills.


  1. One pro is that it brings the child and teacher closer together. Some argue that having homework allows the teacher to discuss individual issues with each child, either before or after class.
  2. Some argue that giving homework to a child allows the whole family to get involved. It helps each family to become more involved with their child's education. It also gives each child a better understanding on certain skills they might be learning in class.
  3. A third pro involves preparations for the bigger things. If a child does poorly on an assignment, they will have a better understanding on what to correct for the test or paper ahead of time. Many teachers and parents also argue that it's a good way to teach kids responsibility early on. If the child knows they are accountable for something, this will make them work harder.


  1. Kids need to take time off from work and spend time with their families and unwind. Some argue that having homework doesn't exactly bring a family together. It becomes all about work, not play. Kids need playtime.
  2. Some parents end up being a taskmaster about certain things. This can cause issues between the child and the parent. Many kids want to come home and be a "kid." Some parents don't allow their kids to be kids, especially once they reach school-age. This is a potential problem.


When all is said and done, there is always going to be pros and cons for something like this. Each side holds merit. There is, however, too much of a good thing. Parents need to let their kids be kids, especially one the school day is done. Homework and acquiring an education is very important, but kids still need to be themselves. Having too much of an education can sometimes cause an adverse effect.

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