How Important is Conducting Pre-Employment Tests?

Hiring someone who isn’t the right fit can be a costly mistake. The resources spent recruiting, training, and paying an employee’s salary can add up. It's important to take steps upfront, before the hiring process, to make sure you’re attracting the right candidates for the position and properly assessing them.

How do large enterprises and even small businesses avoid hiring unqualified employees? What steps can a hiring manager make to reduce the cost of hiring by 70% and the amount of time it takes by 60%?

Several companies provide answers and solutions to the above questions. These companies conduct virtual, large-scale tests on a business’s behalf to help them find the best candidates for the job. These pre-employment tests can be a predesigned form or a customized version tailored to suit the specifications of the business.

What are the advantages of conduction pre-employment tests online?

  • Assess the skill and knowledge of the candidate in advance.
  • Assess the character traits, behavioral patterns, language proficiency, memory power, decision-making skills, and leadership abilities of the candidates.
  • Conducting a test for employment virtually allows many more candidates to apply from more places.
  • Easy to record and calculate the test results.
  • Shortlist candidates who perform well.
  • The test form can be a mix of multiple-choice questions and real-time situations.
  • Upload audio, video, and other files as a part of the test form.
  • Make the test form unique.
  • Integrate the candidate test details into the existing HR systems and evaluate the answers.
  • Get round the clock support to design the test form.
  • Only a small team of HR personnel are needed for recruitment. This allows personnel to focus on the core aspects of their positions.
  • Access to a large database will allow businesses to create test forms with ease.
  • Information related to the business can be uploaded and used in the test form. The data is kept confidential and safe.
  • Make it easy for the candidates to test by using interfaces and simulations that do not require any additional software to run.

There are advantages to using predesigned forms to test for employment. Let’s look at some of the topics they cover and the industries they’re effective for.

  • Human Resources
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Database and Business Intelligence
  • Desktop Publishing Software
  • Accounting and Finance
  • Call Center
  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality Industry
  • Public Administration/ Government Agencies
  • Data Entry (and other jobs that do not require prior work experience)

Each of the categories is subdivided into various topics. Depending on the job description, necessary work experience, difficulty of work, etc, the test form is designed to include questions that will properly assess and analyze a candidate.

More and more businesses and organizations are using companies to conduct these virtual pre-employment tests on a large scale. These businesses have improved the quality of new hires and saved time and money in the process. By using multiple tests, they are getting the most comprehensive picture of potential new hires. These hiring assessments help find the candidates who will be the perfect fit.

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