How much does it cost to study medicine in Slovakia

Slovakia is fast become a popular option for those seeking to study medicine and can afford the high quality education. The medical course costs €11,500 per year and the dentistry course costs €11,500 per year. Living costs are about €300-400 per month.


Students usually pay the tuition in two equal instalments. At the beginning of each semester students have one week to ensure the tuition payment is received by the university or students will not be allowed into their classes. Students will be asked to transfer the tuition payment for the semester in Euros, or the amount equivalent to the amount in Euros, to the bank account of the university and then present “proof of payment” to the admissions office.  An international bank transfer usually takes up to a week to be received by the recipient so students should not leave it too late. The fee does not cover medical books, so students are expected to pay for those themselves. Medlink Students usually provides students with ebooks, summaries, notes and resources for the course free of charge so students usually supplement their class-taught knowledge with that. 


The faculty of medicine at Pavol jozef Safarik University in Kosice is a highly respected and high ranked medical university with top of the range resources, competitive students and excellent teaching standards. Students who study medicine or dentistry at Kosice will be studying alongside competitive and highly eligible students colleagues. Students are taught in groups of 10-15 individuals in medicine and groups of 10 in dentistry. The medical school is well equipped and highly advanced in its resources, equipment, knowledgeable professors and medical research.


The university’s strong reputation allows it to be very selective in its way of choosing candidates. Hence, it has become highly difficult for students to secure entry or transfer to Pavol Jozef university’s medical faculty. Medlink Students has a contract with the medical faculty in order to facilitate the admission process and guarantee students a seat on the English-taught medicine or dentistry courses. Alongside the competitive entry requirements, the medical university requires students to sit a competitive entrance test in biology and chemistry. This test can be held in the university itself or in London.


The university is situated in the city of Kosice which is a lively, vibrant and safe city with plenty of activities for everyone. Compared to Western European countries like the United Kingdom, Kosice is not an expensive city to live in. Students can rent a luxury apartment for as little as €250-300 per month. The total living costs can get up to a total of €400-450, including rent, per month for a comfortable lifestyle. The usual student expenses include rent, food, transport, going out and some extra pocket money. Students will be living in Kosice from mid September til mid June, so they should account for 9 months of living expenses in Slovakia. 


Kosice has many nice restaurants that are popular among the students, as well as cheap restaurants on campus for fast food between seminars. Medical students usually cook at home and bring in lunch or they take advantage of the affordable food options in Europe. 

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