How teacher can enhance his credibility in his students eyes

In order the students respected the teacher and attended his classes, teachers can be given some practical tips that will be useful in communicating with students:

1. It is recommended to conduct your own journal in which each pair to mark, who deigned to come, and who once again skipped a pair. At the end of the semester to remind about truancy to punish truant and make it a valuable lesson for the future.

Thus is born the authority and legends, and soon all the students of the Faculty will be aware of the "habits" of a teacher.
2. To be able to not only strictly deliver lectures and give tasks for term paper writing, but to arrange five-minute fun or informative, interested the audience.

If students have fun with teacher , then they will come to their the lessons, even though they will be the first in the schedule. So it is very important to be interesting.
3. If a student skips regularly pairs, it's time to talk individually with him after the next lectures, or apply directly to the group supervisor.

This un- indifference to the fate of the students will help to save a single young professional, who might just be difficult times in life.
So the student attendance in the hands of his teacher, the main thing - to approach the issue with optimism and creativity. If the student does not understand the good intentions, then it is his problem and the problem of his family; and the specialist from him, most likely, would have been a lousy.

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