How technology engages students in classrooms –4 Tech tools to be adopted by teachers

It is usually said that technology not only distracts students but also keeps them from focusing on their books. While one feasible solution can be to ban computers and smartphones in classroom, another solution is to leverage their tech-savvy and engage them with wide array of online tools through which they can complete all assignments electronically. Irrespective of whether you’re working on a presentation or a research essay or a math report or science project, there are ample tools which are there to make education more interesting for students in classrooms.

As offices and companies are investing in internal communication tools to alleviate the stress of communicating with co-workers, schools should also invest in the tech gadgets to engage students inside classrooms. Here are few tools you may check out.


You are the best person who would know what exactly you want your students to engage in, whether it’s on you, on each other, on some content or on some assignment. Whichever way it is, they have to focus and sadly, classrooms are not the best places to do so. Through White Noise, you can not only eliminate excess noise but also allow students to concentrate. This is one of the neatest tricks for students to engage them.


Kahoot is yet another handy tool which can be used by students to create quizzes and questionnaires in classes. Through this tool, students can receive data for completing graphing assignments, receiving feedback from classmates and data for research essays. The best part about Kahoot! is that it is compatible with a number of devices and has got a game-like feeling which keeps students interested.


This one probably won’t be loved by students but it is indeed a very useful tool which can be used to alleviate the amount of multitasking that students may do on their computers. This tool named Cold Turkey lets you block few websites or in general the internet so that the students may focus on doing their tasks only. Even if you switch it on for half the period, you will immediately see a difference in terms of level of productivity.


As data analytics is a field which is getting so much focus, data literacy is one of the most useful skills which students have to learn. Regardless of the fact that they have collected data from their own sources or from other sources, having the ability to visualize data in an infographic is definitely a useful skill. Both the visual and textual learners are drawn by infographics and Venngage is such a tool which provides a selection of infographic templates which can be personalized by students.

So, just as every sphere of life is being digitized, the education industry is also not an exception. If you’re a teacher who is reading this article, make sure you employ the above mentioned tools in your classroom so that you can engage students in the best possible way.

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