How the Most Successful Staffing Agencies Save Your Time

Staffing agencies who take the time to continuously source talent set themselves apart from other staffing agencies in the market. See how they do it.

How the Most Successful Staffing Agencies Save Time Placing the Right Candidates

You have thousands of staffing agencies to choose from when looking for partners in talent acquisition. Plenty of agencies have been around for years, and some have just opened their doors. No matter the company size or years in operation, their purpose is similar, but the most successful staffing agencies have something that sets them apart in their competitive market: They can place the right candidates in the shortest amount of time.

They spend time with you

To have a shorter turnaround time, they invest time with their clients (and potential clients) on the front end. You won’t be confident in the abilities of you staffing agency to provide solutions if they haven’t taken the time to get to know you and your pain points.

Make sure they get to know your company and the roles you need filled thoroughly so they know how to make the best candidate matches for you. They should be familiar with everything from shift hours to environment and, most importantly, what skills employees in your company use daily in each role. They find out all the things candidates would want to know about you as an employer so they can have transparent discussions and productive selection processes with the candidates as they present to you.

They proactively meet your needs

They don’t stop interviewing. Even when they don’t have a job order from you, they are always screening for great candidates. This is key in being prepared to send the right candidate to you quickly. When interviewing and pre-screening, they apply all the data they’ve collected from the conversations they’ve had with you and any site visits they’ve made. Once they have identified someone who is a potential good fit for the role you need to fill, they move that candidate into the pre employment skills testing phase.

They have qualified talent ready for you

Pre-employment skills testing is an important step in selecting the right candidate and a crucial time saver. The best staffing agencies use skills assessments that offer flexible and customized testing solutions to meet the varying needs of all the clients they serve.

The data these tests provide show how a candidate measures up to your expectations for the job. The staffing agency will build trust with candidates by discussing how well, or not so well, they did on their pre-employment assessment tests. Once candidates have completed the appropriate skills testing and shown proficiency, the staffing agency can work with you on placement. A prepared staffing agency will have qualified candidates ready to go when you call to ensure a fast fill time.

Staffing agencies who take the time to continuously source and screen talent set themselves apart from other staffing agencies in the market. They have transparent conversations with candidates and clients to avoid mistakes and distrust. They transparently and proactively build a talent pool of candidates, getting them ready for placement when the time arrives. The key distinction of a best in class staffing agency is one that can get the right talent, with the right pre employment skills, to you quickly.

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