How to Assess the Candidate in a Right Manner

There are often times where a start-up company faces a lot of problem in dealing with the right type of candidates that needs to be hired. However, keeping money factor in mind they often opt for personal interview and hire the candidate who they think can fit in their expectation bar. But the fact is scenario is completely different and the reason is personal interview is considered to be the only source of assessment. Ideally, it is a proper assessment solution that needs to be well planned and executed. Wondering how that would work? Here comes the solution that might help.

Know the Candidate Job Profile:

Firstly, as a hiring manager it is your duty to understand what the company expects from a candidate. Since you are into a position where you are expected to be aware of all things, if you are not really sure how to choose the right person, you must study the job profile. Then create the job description and put it in all the job directories where the candidates tend to visit often. This would help you come across only those candidates who can be fruitful for the company to invest in. Since, it is a start-up investing in the wrong source would create blunder.

Keep Good Level of Assessment:

You must categorize the level of assessment in three sections. Starting with the aptitude test, you can conduct the online personality test. The purpose to conduct such test is to understand what all source does the candidate is aware of in terms of ideas which can be utilized with the skills and abilities he has got. Besides, it also helps you understand if the person can work in the flexible working environment or not. You can create certain set of questions and scenarios for which a candidate is expected to come up with a solution in a stringent time line. The person who answers maximum questions in less time span shall get selected to next level of interview.

Go For the Technical Round:

If you are hiring developers and programmers then such pattern can help you know if the person whom you have shortlisted from previous round has actually got those technical knowledge and experience which a company needs. You need to put all those questions in the technical round that would help you know whether the candidate can deal with the situations like the one you have mentioned if it occurs in the real life.

Go for Personal Interview:

After analysing the score from previous two assessments, it becomes easy for you to compare and shortlist among the potential candidates who are actually worth to given a personal interview option. For this, you solely need to understand that personal interview is all about knowing whether the person is capable enough to represent himself in front of the clients or not.

The above platform is the accurate since it gives the correct data about the candidate’s analysis and thus, reduces the risk of wrong hiring.

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