How to be happy at work ( for teachers)

see the video clip.

Consider this.
Who do you work for?
How would a typical teacher answer this question?
Maybe, they she would answer "John Doe Middle School"
or may be he would answer " the board of education" knowing that he could be transferred

from one school to another within the same system in one day for no obvious reason.
I personally had this idea.
Teaching was not a job. It was not even a career. I perceived it as a religious calling.

A ministry of sorts. With that thought in mind, I couldn't get tired, I couldn't quit, I

couldn't even get discouraged. I guess it was like Noah building the Ark.
Many of my fellow teachers use to say
You are only one person, you can't do everything.
They were right.
My attitude was
I am only one person....But I am THE ONE
I can't do everything...But I CAN DO SOMETHING
think about this, The harder the task, the greater the joy when you
have a measure of success.
Would you enjoy teaching if every student made 100 on every test
and even knew more about the subject than you? What if every student always knew the

answer to every question?
I loved seeing that look in their eyes when they achieved
Honestly there is no greater JOY!

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