Writing is a skill that most of the students want to master. It is an important skill that we use everyday and in every article, research papers, or even in every scripts, notes that we write for someone. For those reasons, improving your writing is a way that you can improve your communication with other people in the world.


Why you have to write well?


A recent study shows that most of the people applying for jobs are likely to be successful if they have sufficient written communication skills. Every employers would like to read a great resume is a solid summary of your skills and accomplishments. If you can express yourself clearly, show your motivation in the jobs and write a perfect resume, you definitely have more change to get any job. Therefore, having a clear writing that mean you have to arrange your thoughts in a logical way. The more quality paper you write, the more powerful and persuasive your communication becomes.


How to write well?


First, you should read a lot of books from all different genres, fiction and non-fiction, poetry, novels, magazines, blog posts, science journals, biographies, business books and plays, etc. so that you will learn about history, the world, how others express themselves and a whole new vocabulary The more you read, the clearer thoughts you have in your writing skills and you expose yourself to different styles. To become a good writer, there are fundamental rules and structures that you need to understand. The journey to improving your writing skills doesn’t end at reading a lot of examples and following the rules of writing. The only way to make those things applicable is to practice them, which leads us to the next level like a chef needs to practice chopping, roasting, and grilling, etc.


Practice makes perfect

Make a daily writing practice. This is one of the most valuable skills you can teach yourself. Try out different styles and forms of writing such as write a blog, keep a journal, an essay, write poetry or blog posts as a part of your daily routine. Then, you can ask others for  the feedback of your writing, so that you know where you are and how to improve yourself from the mistakes.  The more you write, and the more feedback you get, the more you learn, and you will become a better writer sooner or later.

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In conclusion, to improve your writing skills, let’s start with reading and then mastering different mini writing skills. You can also take some coursework writing so the teachers can guide you through each steps to become a good writer.

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