How to Find Best Financial Advisor? Secrets Reveled

The corporate industry has grown up to a large scale. Indeed, there is a mandatory need of a financial advisor to take of all the business finances. Regardless of the fact that whether your company is small scale or large scale, you need a financial advisor. Long gone are the days when personal interviews were conducted in order to find right advisor for your company. These days, you don’t have to hire a full time financial planner who has to visit office every day and work for whole day. Trends in work have also changed as now you can also work from home. Many companies prefer the option of hiring a part time financial advisor for the company.

Here are some new ways to find the best financial advisor for your company, take a look:

  1. Check previous work: Financial advisor has to be experienced as you cannot babysit him in order to teach him the work. In such course of action, you need to ask him about the previous work that he has done so far. It is the best way to assimilate candidate’s skills. You can also cross question him about the work done or put him in a similar situation where he has to come up with a solution.
  2. Ask about how often he meets the client: As you are hiring a part time financial advisor, it is sure that you won’t be seeing him regularly. To check whether the work is done properly or not, you need to keep in touch with your financial advisor. That is why it is important to understand that how often he can visit you with a thorough worksheet.
  3. Clear talk about compensation: While hiring a financial advisor, it is important to have a clear talk about the compensation. The most common way is commission based where money is paid on work done. Other common way is the fee paying where client charge between 1% and 2.5% according to the property management by the advisor. There are others that charge on the monthly basis. You need to carefully understand the compensation method before hiring the advisor.
  4. Check the required certificates: No matter how much good the financial advisor is in convincing you about his skills. Still it is important to check all the certifications. Every candidate will come along-with a resume. You need to cross check all the certificates that are mentioned in the resume are true and not fluff.
  5. Designation: There are multiple designations on which financial advisor works. CFP certified planners work for firms and help them in achieving future financial goals while liquid money and property investment. CFA certified planners help in picking stocks. In this way, firstly it is important to acknowledge your requirement of designation and then hire someone. Also you need to understand whether the candidate fits in the designation rightly or not.

So, these are some of the important things that are to be considered while finding right financial planner for your company. 

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