How to get enough sleep and be full of energy the whole day

How to define your own sleep rate, to receive from him the maximum energy and wake up in the morning enthusiastically? Such questions bother most of the modern humans, especially youngsters, whose daily routine does not allow them to stay fresh and get enough sleep. 

There are three key life resources:

Here we talk about energy, and one of the ways of its maintenance and replenishment, and this way is sleeping. 

There are many areas of our lives that need constant monitoring: relationships, work, spiritual development. But all this requires energy, and its deficiency can affect health. Therefore, maintenance and replenishment of energy should be a priority.

For my part, I agitate you for a healthy lifestyle. This question has so many nuances that can only be comprehended on your own experience, that no opinion on the part will not be able to convince all 100%.

In this article, I will share my principles, helping to turn the sleep time in an effective way to maintain strength and improve their productivity. It is important to understand that we have incorporated much more energy than we can imagine, just need to find a way to open her way out.

Please remember that "Napoleon slept for six hours, and nothing hearty" or "Einstein was lying in bed for 10-12 hours, then, I can, too! ', You can endlessly read about sleep cycles, but the best solution would be to search own regulations, which will charge you a maximum energy.

The most effective way - to experiment. Try to increase the rate of your sleep for an hour, wake up in the morning, wash, eat breakfast and evaluate the state on a scale from 1 to 10. Continue to change the sleep time, the increasing then decreasing, but do not get carried away.

You will be greatly surprised at what time it may be best for you. I slept on the weekends is stable up to 11 hours, falling asleep at midnight, and still feel overwhelmed. Several times the rate of changing the sleep, I went to what I need to sleep 6-7 hours, so I was full of energy throughout the day.

But this is my case. The main thing, take the fact that your sleep cycles are individual and are determined by many factors. Find your ideal time and sleep as much as you need.

How do you prepare for sleep

Suppose you have set for yourself the time needed for a full sleep, but it does not suit you. Do you get enough sleep for 10 hours, and I would like to seven or eight. Then you need to ask yourself two questions:

  • What's the last I do before going to bed?
  • How to start my morning?

Let's start with the first.

Sleep is an active work of our body. You do not fall into a coma, never ceases to breathe, and the processes inside you do not stop. Therefore, as in sport, the issue is also very important to take the time to prepare.

  • Relaxing charge. It may be a slight stretch, and better breathing exercises or yoga. But no cardio.
  • Disclaim heavy meal a few hours before bedtime. Any fatty foods require additional forces from the stomach and do not allow the body to relax before bedtime.
  • Shower. Whether warm or cold, your choice.
  • At least 30 minutes before bedtime you need to get away from all the monitors and severe work, like solving hard econometrical tasks or searching what is a methodology in dissertation.
  • Previously, my dream began immediately after the three-hour marathon at the computer and a hearty dinner, when even the desire to take a shower was no more.

Now I do not eat anything heavy for 2-3 hours before bedtime and in the same amount of time doing a little workout to my body before going to bed was really relaxed.

A separate item for me is the repetition of affirmations, special words for bootstrapping. It is better to sleep with the thought that tomorrow you will find something nice than "one more day a convict in the mines."

How to achieve this? You just need to know what to expect from her in the morning.

How to start your morning?

And in the morning is the worst time for people in depression.
"Loneliness on the Net" Janusz Leon Wisniewski
We decide where to start our morning.

I can hardly raise the idea that he would have to work hard at work today, to go to college or to alter the mountain of household chores. But before it began that way.

Now, after you wake up, I drink a glass of water, wash my face, do a five-minute exercise, I practiced on a keyboard simulator, read 10 pages of the book and go to lunch. Simply put, I'm doing something that's really important for me and for what I really want to get out of bed.

I am convinced that the best way to spend the morning - to do what the evening is usually exhausted. Once you have running is your sleep, you will have 20 minutes to get up early, especially now that you will look forward to that time.

Read, walk, learn languages, tune in the morning to do what had long postponed indefinitely due to lack of time. With this attitude, you will not have the thought: "Why do I get out of bed today?".

From the middle of the day, your energy is bound to go down. Try to sleep for 15-20 minutes, when the body is really necessary. Best recharge is coffee.
Find a goal - and there are resources. Just answer the question: "For what I get up in the morning?". Write it down and read before bedtime. The most simple and useful affirmation.

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