How to make a blog that beats Wikipedia? Try typing these keywords in Google: emphysema, acai berry and Siberian Husky. Now, look which site is placed 1st in Google search for these keywords? If you get it right, you would be see that cursed Wikipedia everywhere for all these.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I am a fan of this free online encyclopedia and I think that they are doing a noble job by providing free information to the mass.

Do you have a desire to become a blogger with a really good blog? So, you are probably in search for resume editor to help you make an out standing resume to become a writer.

Let’s face it, how do you defeat a Page Rank 9 behemoth which has thousands of too-eager wide eye PhDs waiting to contribute their latest findings into the very niches we have sleepless nights hunting for? Even the great Google had tried miserably to defeat Wikipedia by launching Google Knol in 2008. And I beg you, as fellow bloggers, think twice before you contribute an article to any of them! Stop other fools from doing this if you can!

Anyway, instead of admitting defeat, I would like to speculate on some strategies we may be able to use to defeat Wikipedia:

1. Use exact keyword domain with a .com or .org Tld

If you managed to get your hand on you have already in your hand a 25 % chance. Now don’t ask me on how I get this figure. Didn’t I tell you it’s pure speculation??

Anyway, with a .com, you score on getting typed in traffics from those searchers who thought that the whole internet is only about .com and nothing else. As for, it is rumored by some webmasters that Google gives preference in ranking a .org due to the Tld’s image as a non-profit entity.

2. Forget about using a .biz or a .cc

These tlds have a bad reputation. Although Google claims that they do not give any preference to tlds, .biz has been with bad companies for too long. Spammers and phishers (did I spell this rite?) have been using .biz and .cc for ages to trick unsuspecting surfers into relieving their bank account no. and credit card details. Therefore, if you are on a quest to defeat Goliath, at least invest in the best sling-shot. Only a .com or a .org should be considered.

3. Make sure your blog is 100 % related to the keyword

Don’t write about your grandpa or grandma if you happen to get hold of or Every post counts, at least in the first 6 months. Try to write everything you know about ‘Siberian Husky’ with the exact keyword located in the first and final 25 % of your blog post. In between the post, you can put in some related keywords like ‘siberian husky facts’ and ‘siberian husky puppies’.

Contrary to many probloggers, I am a strong believer in using keywords for my money making blogs. You can load your keywords early in your blogging, maybe for the first 2 months because, you will not be found so early anyway.

After these, you can start writing with your audience in mind. Remember, you need to be found first before people start hearing you out. Again, this is where an exact keyword .com will add to the strength of your SEO strategy.

4. Avoid duplicate contents at all cost

It is a well speculated fact that duplicates play a very important role in Google Knol’s failure in dethroning Wikipedia. All the best facts are already contributed to Wikipedia and webmasters’ very own blogs. Therefore, whatever that is contributed into Knol was actually originated from other sources, like Wikipedia.

A blog full of duplicate contents have trouble getting a good Page Rank from Google. Although PR is said to contribute miniscule to Serp, but we don’t take risk. Use Copyscape frequently to make sure that your blog looks good in the eye of Google, yahoo and Bing.

5. Build backlinks slowly

Visit pet forums early in your blogging and link back to your site. Then make friends with websites and bloggers in your niche (pets in this case). Slowly, exchange links with them; linking back to your blog using appropriate keywords.

6. Write progressively

You can never stop writing if you want to smash Wikipedia. Write until the day you overtake Wiki-devil and never rest on your laurels yet. You may still see your site tangoing with the online encyclopedia for a duration of time. That’s where your passion comes into play…at this stage, only your passion on your niche can carry you all the way to the peak.

7. Don’t contribute any contents to Wikipedia

Some naive bloggers think that they can get a link from the megasite by contributing an editorial to it. I’ll have to drop the bomb…it’s a “no-follow link”. Therefore, don’t waste time. Remember, when you contribute new post to the site, contents are updated and what better way to please Google than to have this done every second. I was that naive once but not anymore.

8. Improve on your knowledge regarding your niche

There is only so much you can do with SEO; get ranked and found. Your next strategy is to extend your readers retention towards your blog by linking back to your own post. The objective is to decrease the bounce rate of your money blog so that it’s viewed favorably by search engines.

9. Continue to let your blog age

An aging blog is like fine wine. The longer you can maintain your blog, the stronger its standing in the internet. You can never beat Wikipedia, but we can really hope to beat it in the niche we choose. Imagine a frequently updated, exact keyword .com which is 6 to 7 years old…you just might win baby.

Ok ok…I’m not asking you to ban Wikipedia. I’m actually asking you to bring it down to its knees with your persistence. Domainers who happen to have a killer .com domain should not just park and develop minisites out of these powerful weapons. Let those who are interested develop them.

How about you? Do you have any suggestion on how to build a blog that could beat Wikipedia? Share them!

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