How To Make The Most Out Of Shopping

So you love shopping but it can drain your pockets a bit or a lot. Either way you enjoy it and can be considered a hobby. If it was easy for people to get paid for spending money or shopping and make a profession out of it, there wouldn’t be any job openings. It is important to discuss why we shop before exploring ways that you can make money or receive rewards tangible rewards instead of the emotional high shopping gives us.

Shopping is a pleasure seeking activity and part of the everyday quest for happiness. It is not a simple act based on what we need. In general, shopping goes beyond the simple exchange of merchandises and money. Many people take their shopping seriously and it serves a higher purpose in their lives. Listed below are the most common personal meanings behind shopping. Try to decide which one you fall under.

  • Shopping is used as a form of entertainment.
  • It is a sport. The scrimmaging and the noisy crowds during Black Friday can give someone an adrenaline rush.
  • It is used as a substitute for therapy.
  • Shopping becomes addicting like a drug. It is used by some as a “pick me up” after a rough day.
  • It is used as an outlet for some people to express themselves and define who they are.
  • It can be used to relieve stress…temporarily.
  • It provides a sense of security.
  • Shopping is used for impressing others. It is a way for us to display success in terms of wealth or importance.
  • Keeping up with the latest fad or innovation through purchasing the latest technology or simulating a favorite celebrity through style.
  • Not wanting to pass up a great value or lower prices on a service or product. It feels good to take advantage of the deal even though it may not be something that is needed.

Now that the top reasons why we shop have been identified, let’s explore how to make the most out of your shopping. Many companies are rewarding their frequent shoppers by giving them the opportunity to enter sweepstakes, contests, or giveaways. For example, frequent customers can take a Big Lots survey online as long as they save their receipts. Sweepstakes are prizes that range from handmade gifts to an all-expense paid vacation. The winners are randomly selected. A contest chooses their winner based on some quality that is considered the best from the other participants.

Sweepstakes are used as a promotional tool for the company and in order to be eligible you need to fulfill the requirements that are being asked for. It can be as simple as going online and taking a survey, saving your receipts for a certain period, or filling out an entry form. Almost always, one can enter these promotional tools without any charge. Some companies can give their winners cash prizes or gift cards to their stores. A lot of companies are also rewarding customers for taking online surveys about their experience at the store and the personal that assisted them while visiting the store. By paying attention to the bottom or back of receipts it can help you find the next sweepstake or promotional deal. This is the best way to make sure you are getting more out of your shopping experience. Not many people participate in the promotional deals or complete the surveys. If you are more vigilant and take the extra few minutes it can be more than what you were expecting.

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