How to Prepare for Your First MNC Interview

Appearing for an interview for the first time can be quite intimidating. There are certain crucial things to take into consideration. Best of preparation and training leads to successful placement in any multinational company. There are many preparation centers that help in guiding aspirants to get jobs in MNCs.

Here are some of the key factors to keep in mind when preparing for the interview in an MNC for the first time:

Self Introduction

Upon entering in an MNC interview, a candidate is required to give self introduction to the Human Resources department. Here, one needs to give a summary of one’s schooling, college degree, training, experiences, hobbies, etc. Right from language skills to confidence, and willpower to hold on to the job, a lot is assessed by the HR at this point in time. This is the first most important round one must get through to be successful in an interview.

Written Exam

This precisely depends on the policy of a company. They may or may not make their candidate appear this exam. Even if they do, there is nothing to worry about as for the most part, the exam comprises of simple logical questions related the job profile applied for. Some of the question may even be asked to test the general knowledge of the candidate and his or her ability to face a situation.

Group Discussion

This may sound funny or old fashioned for many but it is still prevalent. The candidates are categorised into groups by the HR department only to start up a discussion or argument on a topic. The topic may or may not be related to the job applied for. The idea is to speak boldly and loudly without waiting for the turn.

The Technology

Since the present age is that of computer, technology, software, and all things advanced, every MNC would want its employee to be well versed with it. Depending on the relevancy of the technology, the candidates would be expected to showcase their talents.

The Personal Interview

This is known to be the most important part of the MNC interview. One must pass this interview to be able to bag the job of their dreams. This may also be quite intimidating as the candidate has to face 5-7 interviewers sitting in line. They would want to know everything about the client from their personal life, education, professional achievements, likes dislikes, reason to work for the company, previous job holdings, and many more.

The key succeed in the first ever MNC interview is preparation. One must prepare really hard to present oneself in a positive light, give interview confidently, and impress the interviewers. Enrolling into a special school for training can do wonders in this respect.

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