How to Promote Creativity in Learning

Being a teacher can be a stressful job, because there are many things to deal with. There is the school curriculum that we have to keep up with and then we have classes that are not always that easy to run. In fact, it can be very challenging. When you add meeting parents to all this, there are just many duties and it is difficult to make time for creativity in your classroom as well. However, just because this is not easy, we shouldn’t exclude it, because it is very important for students to be creative as much as possible. If you are not sure how to promote creativity in learning, here are several tips!

Learning by doing

Don’t give your students just theory, let them be involved more and participate actively in the classroom whenever that is possible. Hands-on learning is always a great idea to integrate, because students will remember more by being a part of a certain experiment. The theory is a good start, but putting them in different situations where they can solve problems and brainstorm is what will help them actually understand whatever they need to know well.


Try with a visual reflection 

Reading plain texts or listening about something can help students get some basic ideas, but if you want them to get the most out of learning and be creative, you should make room for some sort of visual reflection. For example, when there are certain notions that are important to memorize, you can try using colours or shapes to represent them. When students are trying to write down some important definitions, they can put them on some colorful sticky notes. There are many ideas! You can display inspiration posters or maybe create some themed “mood” corners. If you are teaching a foreign language, here’s a suggestion – your students can make cubes using stiff paper and duct tape and draw a certain object on each side of the cube (so six items on six equal squares). They can play with it and revise vocabulary this way!

Teaching tools can be of great help

Any good teacher knows that some kind of teaching kit can be very good for learning and expressing both teachers’ and students’ creativity! You can use different items to help your students memorize the most important parts of the lecture. Try with remarkable STEM teaching tools, because they are very creative and innovative! They are designed with teachers and for teachers, to help in the classroom and make lessons more fun!  

Students should choose the format of assignments

If you limit assignments to one format only, where is the fun and creativity in that? However, if you are less specific about it, students can explore their tasks using a format they enjoy the most. This will make them more inclined to draw on their creativity, and it will all come naturally. For example, when they read a book, don’t just tell them to write an essay. They can also make a presentation, maybe even a documentary about it. They can even write a speech and share their impressions with other students this way.

Finally, whatever you do, the most important thing is that you challenge your students and sometimes even give them more difficult tasks so that they can use their brains more. Hands-on learning, visual reflection, different kinds of teaching tools and all sorts of formats – all of this will be boring if the students are not challenged even a little bit. The only way they will use their creativity is by trying new things and learning by being engaged as much as possible.

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