How to Save Money on Your Food Shopping

The average American family spends approximately $151-$180 dollars per week for their food budget. Do you think that you are spending too much at the supermarket? Try some of these great hacks to save some cash in your grocery store:


Stick To A Budget

The easiest way to control your grocery money is to create a strict budget. If you have a family, ask for their input for a weekly menu. Do a quick inventory of the food you have on hand, and write a list of the things you need. Staples such as bread, milk, and baking ingredients should always be available. Compare your grocery list to your budget, and you will know how much you can spend.


Be diligent when it comes to your budget. Purchase only the things that are on your list and no more. Do not give to impulse buys. When you keep track of what you spend, you may find ways to trim your budget even more. If things are a little tight, a payday loan can get you through to the next week.



Shop Different Stores

Even small towns have at least two grocery stores. Compare prices on the stores’ weekly ads and see which one has the best bargains. You may find that certain stores run specials during specific days of the week. Instead of limiting your patronage to one store, buy the items you need from each store at the best price.



Coupons And Rebates

Do you usually get a stack of coupons included with your Sunday newspaper? Take advantage of these savings and use the coupons. Some stores will double the coupon’s discount, up to $1.00. If you buy things that are already on sale, you can pocket even more cash. Many items offer mail-in rebates that pay you back a certain amount. Do not forget to use your store’s loyalty card for special savings.



You Pay For Convenience

It is amazing how the same food item costs a lot more if it is prepared. For example, you might pay a little over a dollar for a bunch of fresh carrots. It might cost twice as much if you buy a package of carrots that have been chopped. If you want to cut costs, do the prep work yourself. Cut up your own chicken and make your own hamburger patties. It might be a little more work; however, you can slash your grocery budget in the long run.



Buy In Bulk

There are probably some grocery items that your family uses a lot of each week. You might consider buying these in bulk to save money. Some large grocery chains have wholesale warehouses that sell club memberships to customers. For a nominal fee, you can join the club and buy large quantities for your family food storage. It is much cheaper than buying smaller portions of the product. There are some products that may cost more in bulk, so be sure to do the math.


In today’s economy, most of us need to cut living costs where we can. Since groceries represent a large chunk of your budget, it only makes sense to find ways of saving. That will leave you with a little extra to pay for other things you and your family need.

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