How to Set Up a Formal Hiring Process?

A business is never too young to set up a formal hiring process because a defined procedure saves you valuable time and money, and also helps ensure you hire strong candidates. These are the steps that should be included in your process from creating and posting a job, selecting candidates, conducting interviews, and scheduling hiring assessments prior to extending an offer.

Create a Job Position - To create a job position, you first need to know the job title and responsibilities. You should also have a good understanding of the skills and experience that are required to perform the job well, and the salary.

Write a Job Description - A clear and accurate job description is essential to attract the best qualified candidates. A good job description should include the job title, information about the company, details about the position, required skills and experience and details about compensation.

Post the Job - Once you have a complete job description, post it on job search platforms where it will be seen by the types of candidates you want to attract. You should consider universal job search platforms such as LinkedIn and Indeed as well as job search sites that target candidates in your industry.

Conduct Interviews – Many companies schedule phone or video interviews to screen candidates, video or in-person interviews for candidates on the “shortlist,” and in-person interviews for top candidates. Before setting up an interview you should create a list of the candidates you want to interview, schedule timing for the interviews and prepare a list of questions.

Pre-Employment Assessment & Background Check – When you have identified your top candidates, schedule a pre-employment assessment to ensure they have the experience and skills required to perform the job well, and conduct a background check to identify any potential problems.

Follow these guidelines to set up a formal hiring process for your company to simplify the process for employees who are involved in the process and to provide a good hiring experience for candidates.

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