The production company is a single or a group of company that finance any movie, music album or any other such product. The production house is responsible for arranging all the required goods required for making of the project, its promotions and releasing, thus a production company acts as the asset provider for the film makers.

There various production companies these production house works under entertainment companies and film studios. Both the enterprises act as the partners or sometime one company act as the parent company. This combination of two companies forms the studio system. However there are many independent production companies that work individually.

Types of production companies:

Before thinking about starting a production company, you must first determine what type of Production Company you want to start;there are many production companies that vary because of their size or purpose, there are three main types of production companies on the basis of their purpose:

1. Film production company:

As the name suggests these production companies produce films, dramas, short films etc. the production company has to get a license for its operations, otherwise government can stop the production of the films even if they are in their last phases.

To be a successful film production company the company must show some result in the early stage of its formation, if it doesn’t than the company might just end. There is various film festivals arranged each year where all these production companies small and large present their movies and get recognized and appreciated for their good work.

2. Music production company:

Music Production Company is the example of the umbrella organization, because many minor companies work under this one name, such as licensing companies, song Production Company and artist development companies.

These companies produce songs, through a whole process of recording, editing and releasing. Studio owners, singer, song writers and musician all work together under these companies to produce songs and music. Beside this the company is also responsible for issuing the copy writes and also in maintaining them.

3. Event production company:

These companies help other companies and individuals to arrange events. These companies help their client’s host the best events be it, some press conferences, launching ceremonies or even a charity event thus they can arrange any event on any level.All these production houses use each other products too, for example a film must have a sound track, for the sound track the film production company might have to work with the music production company.

Functions of the film production company:

The film production company is responsible for arranging everything, once a script is decided, the company’s work starts. The company is operated by the producer, the producer selects the director for the film, once the director is selected the operation starts.There are five main production phases that each film goes through, Development, Pre-production, Production, Post production, Distribution.

Below are the activities that are usually conducted in these separate phases.

• Development phase:

It is the idea generating phase, where the producer along with his team works on the ideas. The script is edited here, the location for the shooting of the film is decided in this phase, the actors for the roles are selected and the budget for the film is decided. The main task of this phase is planning and thus each and everything is planned in this first phase.

• The pre-production phase:

The second phase of film making is the pre-production phase where the main task of the production company is to arrange the funds, the budget which is planned gets distributed here, the salaries for the actors and the wages for the staff member is decided and fixed. Since the company has to handle various tasks, such as the set making, costume designing etc. the company usually has a large number of employees or staff in this phase, these employees can be permanent or temporary.The company arranges the places for the shooting of the film, there are various studios where the shootings are usually conducted and the company is also responsible for providing the safety and security to the actors. The dates and schedules are fixed in this phase too, thus everything required for the actual shooting of the film is prepared in this phase.

• Production:

The most exciting phase is the production phase, as in this phase the movie is actually made. The shooting are conducted as they were planned, sometime the companies have to reschedule the shoots because of any disturbance or issue, but the remaining things remain the same.

• The post production phase:

Once the basic task of shooting the films ends, the company enters into the phase of post-production. The film which you get to see in the cinema is not what has been filmed; the editors and creative person have to edit various things to create the magic, special effects are also added in this stage.During this phase, official sound tracks are also produced by the company; also the dialogues of the film are recorded, and edited in the films.

• Distribution:

Once the film is ready, the production company has to conduct various promotional activities to attract the public; press conferences, special interview etc. are conducted for this purpose.While promoting the film, the production houses have to sell their movies to the distributors, so that there films get launched in cinemas on their release dates.The company can also use different patterns for the release of the film, like releasing the DVDs for the film or selling it to local theaters.

Things you must remember before starting your own film production company:

A production company’s main job is providing the finances and resources for the making of a film, but that doesn’t mean that you would only need a good capital to invest and get your own production company. There is something more than money that you must know about the industry; before investing your money there are few questions that you must answer:

1. What is the essential for starting a production company:

Before starting the big company you must decide what you want and how will you achieve that, you must have a clear idea about what you want. Once you have a clear picture of what you want, you would be able to plan the process towards it. Decide what do you want to work like, as a single producer or do you want to join the umbrella production companies.
You must try to make yourself standout among the other production companies; you must carefully select your projects and generate good results to get recognized, once you and your company get recognized your survival gets easier.

2. Essential requirements for starting a production company:

You might need some very basic things for starting your own company, below are those important things:

• Name:

The most important thing that you must decide before starting any company is selecting an appropriate name for it. You must select a name that goes well with the production company and is not used by any other production company.

• Place:

The second important thing to decide is where would you start the company, you must select a place very wisely, some place have low fees while some have high, you would need to think.

• legal registration:

You must register your company under the government, the registration is very important process and you must do it otherwise the government could shut down your production house even if it’s working or not.

• Agreement:

There must be some legal agreement between you and the government, if the government has agreed with your requested deal than you can start your company or else you can’t.

• TAX:

Once you get your company registered you must pay tax, tax is the certain percentage of your annual income and is essential to be paid. Companies that don’t pay tax might get into some serious trouble.

3. You might need some legal representatives:

You have to hire a legal representative for your company, you might need a legal person for various phases of the production for example you might one for the music licensing or distribution.

4. How to get everything done:

Making or producing a film is not a very easy job, and it’s not a one person’s job either. You must hire real responsible people who would work as you might need, and will even advice you or suggest you something different and better.

5. Which kind of work you want to do:

You must also decide what kind of work you want to do; there are so many products of a film production company, which product you would like to concentrate on. It is very important to pick the type of work you want to do, it will help you create an image for yourself and for the company. If you want to work on film than you must decide which type of films you want to work on, you can even chose a mixture of types of films.

Image Media Lab Production Reel 2014 from Image Media Lab on Vimeo.

Starting your own production company:

Once you understand what a production company is, you can easily start one on your own. The main task of the production company is to provide resources, and if you have enough to invest than below are few steps that will help you start one successful production company:

1. Have a business plan:

The first and most important thing to do before starting any business is setting a business plan. A good business plan will point out all the strength, weakness, opportunities and threats you might face in your business cycle.You must plan out what type of films you would produce and then set your objectives and targets accordingly.

2. Get yourself registered:

You must registered your company under the state, you must register your company as a limited liability company, so that more and more investors will get attracted towards your company and will be ready to invest in you.

3. Hire the best:

People watch films because of their favorite stars and actors, therefore you must hire or select the best and must demanded actors for your film, investors will invest in you if you select the best demanded actors. And big actors will work with you if you are able to pay them, so they both kind off go hand in hand.

4. Secure financing:

It’s very important that you arrange the amount that you would need for the making of the movie, some companies look over this important factor and end up in debt and incomplete projects. An incomplete project could be a total wastage of time and money and it would destroy your image in the market.

5. Set up proper offices:

It is very important that you set up a proper office or building, which ever you like to control and operate the overall working of the project. Not having a proper office will generate a very negative impact on your investors.

Beside these few things there are some more things you must do before starting the production company:

1. Educate yourself:

Like every task, it is very important that you know or understand the task before trying it. You can attend various sessions and courses to educate yourself about the field and its working.

2. Experience matters:

After learning about it, you must try to get some experience of the film industry by working with other industry people and even working on your own little projects.

3. Get funds and investors:

If you are staring from zero, than it could be very difficult to arrange the big capital, you can always use investors; try to attract the reliable investors by telling them your ideas and plan about the production company.

4. Find work:

The most important task is to find a suitable and a good project. You might not get called by people to work with you especially in the early days of your career, therefore try to involve yourself, try to make contacts and never miss any chance to show your potential and ability.

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