All types of academic writing have some common elements and one of them is structure and organization. Although, the main goal of academic writing is to give information to the reader in a persuasive way so he is attracted towards the academic writing and agree with your opinion after reading your work. Same is the case with essays.


Structure plays a vital role when it comes to essay writing. You will have to organize your ideas and give it a proper format to write an essay. Writing an essay goes beyond that. You need language fluency to bring your ideas to paper. You have to present complete picture about the topic.


Analyze the Topic

Highlight key terms that you will focus on in your essay. Note down the terms that you will have to define in your essay. Try to analyze the topic from different prospective. Break the topic into parts and analyze each part carefully. Try to establish a connection between certain aspects of the topic.



Everything in the paragraphs should be relevant. Use short and to the point sentences to construct paragraphs. Every sentence should be placed at the right place and sentences should be in transition with one another. Clearly express your ideas and there should be link between different paragraphs. Provide references at the end of your essay.


Introduction and Conclusion

Set the essay up for the paragraphs to come and develop the interest of the readers through some interesting information. Explain the main point you will discuss in detail in your essay. Present a brief outline of things to come in preceding paragraphs. Define the terms you want to explain in detail in next paragraphs.


Conclude your essay by briefly discussing the main themes and wind up your work. Don’t introduce new ideas in conclusion. Give something for the reader to research further and something to think about. State the future direction and topics that can be explored further. Summarize the essay in couple of sentences at the end. Conclude your essay with an interesting quotation that may convey your message you want to convey to the reader.


Prove Your Point

Provide facts and figures to support your argument. Don’t force your opinion on the reader. You can also use examples to explain your point to the reader. Your writing style must attract the reader.

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