How to take Care of your Body after undergoing Facial Surgery

Your face is your first impression and thus every care should be taken to ensure that you have a glowing and naturally sound face.  Face that can attract eye balls of people you are staying with. With a soothing facial expression you can win the game of life without investing much of your precious energy.

However, there come many situations when we are forced to go through a facial surgery like cleft jaws, scars in the face, burned face and many others. Anyway you need to take care of your face with utmost care as it may give you a good return in long run.

Don’t do heavy exercises- If you have undergone a facial surgery it is important to avoid heavy exercises that can lead to bleeding. Though regular exercising is beneficial and one should do it regularly, still, after a facial surgery it is important to avoid heavy exercises otherwise it may affect you negatively.

Do breathing exercises- After 2-3 days start doing deep breathing exercises. Such exercise will not need more efforts and at the same time it maintains optimum level of oxygen in the body.

Avoid sugary foods- After any kind of facial or oral maxillofacial surgery it is important to avoid sugary food items that can increase the level of sugar in your body. For example, food items like cake, pastry, chocolates, can be tempting but are dangerous in a situation when you are under-operated. These food items alter the basic level of pH and temperature in your body.

Avoid chewy substances- Another important thing that should be kept in mind while undergoing a surgery is that you need to avoid chewy substances like chips, chewing gums etc. These food particles tend to stick to our mouth and decay. This leads to wearing of enamel.

Avoid smoking- Smoking is injurious to life and if it is your regular habit then you need to quit it as soon as possible. Smoking substances like cigarettes contain nicotine that alters the pH of our body and create an atmosphere that is not favorable to ensure a healthy life.

Include fruits and vegetable in your diet- If you need a healthy body it is important to include as much fruits and vegetables as possible. It provides nutrients and anti-oxidants that are important to maintain a healthy body and face.

Visit a Plastic and Oral Maxillofacial Surgery- If you have got a deformed face or facial part it is important to consult an expert plastic and oral maxillofacial surgeon like Dr Haithem Elhadi Babiker

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