How Will Traffic Ticket Penalties Change The Life Of A Student?

A teen driver is going to have to deal with mostly the same penalties that the adult driver will need to deal with when referring to traffic tickets. The actual difference appears in the fact that a traffic ticket penalty can be harsher for the teen driver. This can be seen as not fair by many but the truth is that everything is connected with the lens you look at things through. A student driver is going to still be learning. At this point in time it is really important to basically install safe, good driving habits. That will help every single person to be safer while on the road.

License Revocation And Suspension

In many states we are faced with an immediate license revocation or suspension in the event the teen driver will commit a violation. The suspensions normally last for a period between 1 and 3 days. However, this can be different from one state to the next and from one situation to another situation.

GDL Systems

GDL stands for graduated driver licensing and we can see this in most states. Generally speaking, the system involves getting a learners permit at a beginning level, remaining with the permit for an amount of time before the intermediate license or driving permit is gained and before the full driver license is offered. If the traffic ticket appears as you are duringthis early permit timeframe, much more time will be needed until you can obtain the full driver license.

The Points System

When you get points on your driver license you can be faced with many different long term problems. The point system was implemented in order to record drivers’ habits. When a specific amount of points is accumulated, a warning letter will be sent, traffic school will need to be attended or driving privileges are going to be lost for a period of time.


Unfortunately, the amount that you need to pay for fines, fees and extra associated costs can easily be higher than the amount a student earns on a part time job for one month. Many students take on a part time job to better deal with education expenses. Having to deal with fees, fines and the other costs of getting a traffic ticket would sometimes be way too much and the student can end up with huge problems in affording education costs.

Extra Traffic Ticket Penalties

Based on personal situation, violation and state laws, the student can also be faced with some extra traffic ticket penalties that will affect the student life. This includes:

  • Having to go through a driver education course or through traffic school.
  • Driving restrictions in connection with some locations and some times of day.
  • Community service.
  • Having to go to school with the bus.
  • Ending up without a job.
  • Auto insurance rates that will increase – especially when a serious accident happens.

Just because you are a student you should never think that getting a traffic ticket is not serious and you have to consider the help of lawyers or the situation can easily hurt your finances and your overall education. 

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