Immigration law has been in the news a lot lately. A person does have the right to protect their immigration and appeal the decision for the court. For immigration appeals, an attorney can provide the information that a person needs to appeal the decision of the court and possible be allowed to stay in the country.


There are two ways that a person can appeal deportation. They can appeal to the Board of Immigration appeals which may allow a person to stay. This board does have limited jurisdiction. A person may also bring their case to the United States federal district court. Each case will be reviewed. The district court is often more expensive than the BIA. A person and their lawyer will have to show that constitutional right have been violated. An attorney can provide a person with more information each type of court and the pros and cons of each.


When a person is looking to appeal immigration decision and deportation including their visa denial they need to file paperwork within a specific timeline. As soon a as person is denied they need to file this paperwork as soon as possible. This way the court can review it before a person has to leave the country.


A lawyer can ask the court to remove the decision of the visa and allow a person to have their visa application go through the approval process again. A person is going to need a lawyer to ask the courts to do so as they have a split decision of this. A lawyer will take the case to a federal court if there is a question of fraud or marriages that are claimed to be fraudulent.


When a person is facing immigration issues they need to contact a lawyer right away to appeal this decision. The sooner they contact legal help the sooner the issue can be resolved. 

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