Incredible Facts About Polar Bears You Never Knew

Polar bears are amazing animals. They are quite unique and known as the Lords of the Artic in some areas. If you’ve seen them at the zoo or on TV, you already know, watching them is an incredible experience.

They explore all the depths of ice packs formed over the water while looking for food. They weigh 1500 pounds when they are fully grown and have fur thicker than any other type of bear. A polar bear can consume 100 pounds of blubber in just one meal.

An adult polar bear will grow to be approximately eight feet, two inches. Their weight of 1500 pounds is equivalent to a small car! This makes them the largest carnivore who is based on the land.. An adorable little polar bear cub actually weighs about one pound and is a foot long.

The life span of a polar bear is 25 to 30 years. Due to the type of fur they have most animals are unable to see them. The exception is the reindeer because their type of vision allows them to see ultra violet light. Their feet are flat and shaped like an oar. This is why they can swim so well. They average six miles an hour; much faster than any human can swim.They also have the ability to smell their prey from a distance of ten miles.

If polar bears, fascinate you, check out these 36 unique facts about the intriguing animal.

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