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Summary: In recent years parents are increasingly choosing international schools for their children. How much do parents know about international schools? And how do they find an appropriate international school? Those are some difficult questions for parents. Hongyang Zhao, a teacher at Beijing Aidi International School, was invited to an education platform to provide some detailed answers.


Hongyang Zhao

He is a senior education expert at Aidi School, engaged in international education for more than 10 years and has more than 400 graduates in his career achieve successful study abroad. He has deep insight into immigration trends in Britain, the United States, Canada and Australia. He has repeatedly been invited to the Tencent, Sohu and other educational portals to share successful experiences in study and immigration.


Q: Why have parents been keen on choosing international schools in recent years?


More and more parents choose to let their children study abroad. In order to integrate into the international environment, in addition to mastering the language and academic foundation of the country, it is necessary to adapt to foreign learning methods, ways of thinking and expression, and living habits in advance. Therefore, before you study abroad, you need a smooth transition. This is also the main reason for choosing international schools. The choice of school should be considered from the aspects of school running time, the scale of students, and the degree of adaptability of children to the course, the application for University, the direction of the country and other services. I suggest that parents who intend to send their children to study abroad interview their favorite schools, and then plan their children's studies and career. Since it is a systematic project, it requires the involvement of parents, children and schools.


Q: What are the factors that attract students to international schools?


A good international school takes more attention to its comprehensive ability. Learning ability is necessary, but it is not the only reference standard. For example, self-study ability, style and talent, speech ability and organization ability will also be included in the assessment criteria. As long as the children have their own likes and talents, we are willing to appreciate and foster them. Our examination is to test the children's recent achievements in learning tools, which has its own reference value.  We do not deny its role.

There are rich campus activities in Aidi International School China each year, as the summer carnival on the street dance performances are held.

Junior high school graduates, for example, having completed only once in the exam, cannot represent the child’s life-long achievements. International schools have special independent admissions tests, so candidates don't need to be stressed out. Recently, I interviewed a lot of children in the second grade and third grade, all because of excessive pressure, psychological anxiety and weariness, hair loss and so on.


Q: Is it necessary to enter an international school in kindergarten?


Parents and friends, if it is determined that the child's future goal is to study abroad, choose an international kindergarten from childhood, it is easier for children to adapt to the whole English environment. Of course, consider economic strength. When attending kindergarten, do not recommend residence, children should meet with parents every day, so that the child's mind is safe, and help to develop good parent-child relationships.


Q: How many people does a class hold? Can you accept transfers?


Aidi kindergarten has 10 little friends in each class. There are about 8 classes for each grade in Aidi primary school, and about 20 students in each class. In Aidi high school each grade has about 10 classes and each class has also around 20 people.

From grade one to the sixth-grade primary schools can receive a transfer and transfer. If there are no non-Beijing students in Beijing city schools, there is no problem for the school. If there is a student status in Beijing, the relevant procedures should be handled in accordance with the provisions of the education commission. They shall handle the relevant formalities in accordance with the board of education.

The kindergarten teacher plays games with the children

Junior high schools can also receive transfers. In the first stage, they can transfer but not change a student status. If there are no non-Beijing students in Beijing city schools, there is no problem for the school. If there is a Beijing city school, according to the Commission regulations; during the second stage, they have Beijing school they can change schools; in the third stage, if they have a Beijing city school they cannot change a student.


Q: How do you choose majors in an international high school?


In addition to the traditional arts and Sciences, we can also choose business, creative design courses. According to the children's preferences, expertise, temperament, academic ability and other matching criteria, so that the curriculum meets the needs of the children's development.

Take Beijing Aidi School for example, we opened the United States, British, Australian and the International School of the arts. Majors provided are Business, Science, etc. Related subjects: English, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer Science, Creative Design, Business Management, Accounting, Economics, World Cultural History and Geography, Performing Arts, sports and so on, covering the areas of Humanities and Social Sciences, Natural Philosophy, to establish a perfect knowledge system for students. We also help children find themselves and choose their own high school curriculum by observing their behavior, grades and expressions.

Grade 11 Career Only You activities


Q: Which major is it easier for you to get a good job studying abroad?


According to the feedback I received from graduates, children can now choose a major or creative majors that are closely integrated with the needs of the Internet age. They can be engaged in enterprises and other institutions, from relevant work, but also their own businesses. Take one of my students, for example, who graduated from the University of South Australia, studied media studies, received a bachelor's degree in literature, and now works as a business analyst at the technical services division in Greater China, CISCO, USA. Through his observation and his own feelings, he concluded: "We Chinese students should participate in school activities as much as possible, so that we look more confident, and greater opportunities will favor you." Moreover, just entering the workplace for the pay, eager to get returns, is often counterproductive.

Parents and friends need to pay more attention to help children learn to get along and maintain the ability to continue learning.  The children really mature, know how to choose, there is no need to pay too much attention to the employment problem by the parents, they will think of ways to solve those.


Q: How can Aidi International school help students achieve success?


Aidi School education is the concept of "customizing your future.”  In high school, Aidi School sets up the international language center, 9th grade, American high school, high school English, Australian high school and international art curriculum in senior high school. Before attending the major courses, provides children the ability to use English in a systematic way before entering a professional course. Whether in the integrated training phase or the distinction between business and science, they are tailored to children's academic abilities, interests and preferences. It includes providing a tutorial system, running class system, group work and so on.

Aidi school micro design studio

Mass organizations such as the model society and 1590 public welfare society are training in leadership, communication ability and speaking ability. Moreover, there are art courses to train children's aesthetic appreciation knowledge. These are important for the top schools in the world, such as Stanford, Empire tech, Melbourne and Toronto. But Eddie school is equipped with professional occupation (Academic) planning and an application team, to provide services for children to apply for university.

Model United Nations Societies Congress

At the same time, Eddie school or ACT/A-LEVEL/WACE/ IELTS / TOEFL test, children can complete the corresponding examination on campus.  Parents don't need to consider the cost and time of transportation and accommodation. The children have a psychological advantage in home court.

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