Investing in Your Future with a Degree Qualification

A degree is still regarded as one of the most important educational qualifications you need and can help to open many doors throughout a career. Achieving a degree takes hard work and commitment but this qualification will be valued highly by employers.

Having a degree is seen as essential in today’s job market, and studying abroad can be even more important in today’s market. A huge number of desirable jobs with high ranking companies will come with the ‘educated to degree level’ stipulation when they are advertised by companies. Some jobs also require specific training taught through studies.

The benefits of a degree

Increased salary and more employment opportunities are just two of the advantages of earning a degree. Salaries for graduates are generally above average but the earning potential will depend on the specific job. Employers do recognise the amount of hard work and commitment needed to achieve this qualification and this should be reflected in the salary offered. It’s also the case that graduates will have more choice in the type of career field they can work in and wider employment opportunities are one of the benefits of obtaining a degree.

Increased marketability

Being a graduate can open many doors and will help to increase your marketability within different job sectors. This type of qualification should be seen as an investment for the future. It’s a lot of hard work to achieve but the benefits are worth the effort and once you have your foot in door of your chosen career you will find that new opportunities arise. As you climb higher up the job ladder you can expect more career opportunities, increased job satisfaction and yes, a higher salary.

Popular courses

Places on some degree courses are highly sought after and the competition should be expected at high ranking universities. Dubai universities’ degrees, such as the AUS, have seen an increase in popularity in the field of history, nursing, education, sociology, mathematics and biosciences. IT and computer science courses have been steadily increasing in popularity and there is great demand for graduates who hold the desirable Bsc Computer Science qualification. If you’re intending on studying a popular course, ensure you apply early to your higher educational institute of choice.  


Higher rates of employment

Although a degree is not a cast iron guarantee of continuous employment it does mean that graduates are more likely to be employed than those without qualifications. Reports show that graduates have much lower rates of unemployment than those who have only graduated high school. Many people view three or four years of study to be a daunting task and there’s no doubt that hard work is a prerequisite. However, the long term likelihood of continued gainful employment will be the reward for the hard work and commitment put in.

If you’re unsure of the amount of time that will be needed to complete a degree then check out the different options available. Many courses are now available part-time as well as the usual full-time basis. Part-time study means the course will take longer to complete but allows for options such as working while studying. Distance learning is another flexible option with learning conducted online and set at the student’s pace.

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