Is Intensive Outpatient Therapy Right for You?

The decision to seek recovery for addiction is a heroic one. Now that you've made the decision to pursue treatment, you have to determine which form is right for you. Therefore, you may be wondering if intensive outpatient therapy is the decision that you should make. Considering a variety of factors can help you to do so.


Support System

In your outpatient therapy group, you will have a support system. A major difference between outpatient and inpatient therapy is that the support system is constantly around in the latter. With outpatient therapy, you may still engage in a number of your regular daily activities, such as helping your kids with homework, cooking dinner or attending yoga classes. You want to make sure you have a positive support system around you that includes people who will encourage your growth.


Program Method

When you're researching a program at Renaissance Ranch, you'll learn about the infusion of spiritual practices into the outpatient treatment. Other programs might use art therapy, and still others may have a strict religious background. Ensuring that the program fits your lifestyle is important. For example, if you are not interested in practicing any religion, then a program that focuses on a particular denomination might alienate you more.


Time Management

Enrolling in an outpatient treatment program means that you have to make the time to attend the meetings. For most people, attending meetings letting go of some other obligations. For example, you may need to cut down on your social life, or you may have to take a break from a certain club or classes. Keep in mind that you can return to the positive influences in the future, but for now, you will need to focus on making time to attend the meetings.



Part of accountability means making certain that you are going to the meetings and getting to them on time. The other part is taking care of yourself between the meetings. If you are using drugs or alcohol in between the meetings, you might be the only one who knows about it. Therefore, you will need to exercise a strong level of personal accountability and self control in order for this program to be successful.



An outpatient therapy program involves a variety of components. Some of them involve talking about yourself and your experience. Doing so can be difficult, especially at the beginning. As a result, success in these programs involves a willingness to be honest about the struggles that you have faced. Even if you have trouble articulating your entire story at the beginning, it is important that at least part of you recognizes how important it is to open up to other individuals in the long term. Releasing those thoughts bottled inside of you for so long can play a major role in your healing.


Outpatient therapy is one option that you have when you want to recover. Taking these concepts into account can help you to determine if these programs are right for you.

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