Online learning cannot actually replace the learning obtained from regular schools. However, with technology advancement internet can be leveraged effectively as supplemental method of studying. Students are familiar with the digital tools and given an assignment they use online resources effectively and learn in self directed manner. Today's net generation like to discover new things and learn from hands on experience. when they look for information online,
not only will they try different search engines, they will also search for interactive materials. From the educator’s perspective, using hard copy books might not be effective for arousing the Net Generation’s attention and interest in learning. They are more inclined to learning in groups online using collaborative tools such as google apps,slideshare, flash cards ,videos and photos. Teachers should encourage usage of such digital tools which will give students a wider perspective on the topics to be learned and increase their confidence levels. A balanced combination of online education and proper guidance of class room education can get the best out of students.

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Comment by Jorge Ribeiro on August 27, 2009 at 11:19pm
What learning in "regular schools?" Students get a lot of bad habits -- how to cut corners, how to manipulate teachers, how to pass tests without studying or doing the reading... Good schools, maybe. Regular schools can certainly be replaced by online learning. I don't mean that a good teacher does not affect students more, but most teachers are not there, especially at regular schools. My freshmen students, even the ones that took "AP English" in their high schools, can barely write an understandable paragraph. A good online course (key word: good, same as a good teacher at a regular school) can top a lot of teachers. You're fooling yourself if you can't see this.

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