Jan Malkus - Helpful Tips to Financing Student Travels

So you’ve picked a destination and now you have to decide how to fund your ventures. You will probably be tempted to go to your parents first, who may or may not extend open arms or open wallets. If they do offer, accept! If the don’t, don’t panic. There are other ways to fund your trip.

Financial Aid
According to the American Institute of Foreign Studies, or the AIFS, you may be eligible for the same financial aid that you receive at your current institution. The best way to find out would be speaking to your school’s Financial Aid Office. You never know until you ask.

Online sites claims that you may be able to receive the same financial aid that you do at your current school, but you must carry at least a half-time load at the institution you are visiting, and receive credit that you can apply toward your degree. You may even be able to get an increase in your Federal Pell Grant to help cover the cost of study-abroad programs that cost more than the cost of attendance at your current university.

There are scholarships out there; you just need to know where to find them. AIFS offers multiple scholarships that you can check out online. These scholarships, however, are only awarded to those traveling with AIFS.

Online sites also list several scholarships that are available for study abroad aid. Many of these scholarships are specific to the nation to which you wish to travel, such organizations such as the CIMO, Center for International Mobility, which offers information on how to fund your travels to Finland.

In addition to general financial aid and scholarships, fundraising may also help you build the funds for your big trip. OK, you might feel like a Girl Scout selling cookies, or a Boy Scout selling popcorn, but fundraising, especially as a group, is a great way to earn some cash for your trip. But the ACIS and the NETC have fundraising tips. A few examples include bake sales, car washes, sponsoring school dances, etc.

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