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Being charged with a crime is always a stressful situation. For those that are charged with a crime, dealing with the potential punishments can be difficult. What can make it even more challenging is the impact it can have on your record for the rest of your life. For those that are in the state of Utah, one unique option that you may have is to plea in abeyance. This post will explain what this type of plea is, what the advantages are, and what someone must do to qualify for the plea.

Plea in Abeyance Overview

If you are charged with a crime in most areas, your options will either be to plea guilty or innocent. If you plea guilty, you will be able to avoid going through the legal process, but will likely be sentenced based on the charges. If you plead innocent, you will have to go through a more lengthy legal process that could result in having the charges dropped or a conviction.

For those that are in the state of Utah, an additional option is to pursue a plea in abeyance. With this plea, you will essentially plea either guilty or no contest to the charges. You will then maintain this plea for up to one year and will be given a set of conditions and probation's that will need to be followed. After the abeyance period is over, you will see the charges dropped entirely and there will be no conviction on your record.

Benefits of Abeyance Please

When you are thinking of your plea options, there are many benefits of an abeyance plea to take into consideration. One of the main benefits is that you will be able to have the charges dropped from your record entirely. If you were just to plead guilty, or are convicted through a criminal trial, the charges could remain on your record for the rest of your life. With an abeyance process, you will see the charges dropped entirely from your record. An additional benefit is that you will be able to avoid the stressful and expensive legal process and will likely be able to avoid imprisonment and significant fines entirely.


While a plea in abeyance is common in Utah, not all charges apply. Generally speaking, the offense at hand will need to be a minor misdemeanor. Furthermore, this is generally reserved for younger people and those that do not have a prior criminal record. Felonies and other serious charges generally do not qualify for this plea option.

If you have been charged with a crime in the state of Utah, reaching out to a local attorney could be very beneficial, or you could visit to get more information about how to file a plea in abeyance. The law firm will be able to review your case and provide you with more guidance on how to proceed to minimize your punishment and potentially have the charged dropped or record expunged. 

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