Are you considering attending law school? If this is the case, Groth & Associates offer important suggestions and tips that will help you make the best possible choice for you. We are faced with the recession still having strong effects in the entire legal industry. Even saw, the law firms believe the market is now stabilized. Energy law and intellectual property are highly competitive and lucrative as specialties. Personal injury claims increase in numbers and law schools adapt, offering dual degrees and various specializations. It is important to conduct a good research and be properly informed in order to make the best possible decision.

Do Not Let Finances Stop Your Choice

Never let finances help you even if you want a public interest law career. There are various schools that give you access to debt repayment opportunities. That happens when salaries are low. We have LRAP and LIPP that you want to learn more about.

It is really important that you have good credit. That will help you to fund the entirety of your law education. Loans are much easier to get when this is the case.

Getting Accepted

Although some aspiring students will not want to hear this, when you study hard you have a much higher possibility of getting into the law school you want. Your GPAs and LSATs will have a huge impact in admissions for highly selective schools.

Make sure that you will apply early. Rolling admissions are practiced by most law schools. This means that you may be faced with more openings if you will apply early. Do be sure that your application is submitted at least before the scholarship deadlines. That is necessary even if you think that you will not have a shot for the scholarship.

Remember that it is common to notice application mistakes. However, these are avoidable. The admission offices usually have some blogs where up-to-date data is offered together with pointers that help applicants. You want to scout these before the application is filed.

Understand The Reality

Applying to law school is tough. There are so many different things that change from year to year. What was very helpful a few years ago is no longer relevant. We have lower LSATs that are administered and in various law specializations the number of lawyers needed is going down. Lawyer salaries can drastically vary. You will want to be prepared and after being accepted, you want to start thinking about what you do after you graduate. This is how complicated things are.


On the whole, we can say that all the information you need to have a successful application for a law school is now available. Most of it is actually available for free while the rest can be obtained through an email or a phone call. Read all that you can about the process and if you feel that there is something you do not know, contact someone that has experience. All the advice you get from an experienced individual is going to help. 

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