Everyone is a leader but the number of people you are leading is different. Somewhere or the else you are leading someone daily by one or the other means. Leadership is everywhere ranging from friends, family and workplace etc. At every level the type of leadership is different and a need for situational sensitivity arises. It implies that the way of leading a family is entirely different from the leadership which is required to lead a large team. So to achieve perfection in every type of leadership, take a look at the appeals needed for leadership potential:

1. Stop doing complaints and lead the team: Are you always there to point out the faults in your team and not giving any solutions? If this is your nature, you are the problem identifier and not a problem eliminator. You know that you can solve the issue whatever your team is facing, but you don’t choose to solve it. Give alternatives to get the problem solved and lead the team in a best possible manner.

2. Be responsible: Show your responsibility towards your team rather than giving lame excuses like I am not a degree holder or I am lack of practice. May be these excuses are true but now when you have opted to be a leader, is your responsibility to actively participate in all the matters or issues of the company.

3. Leadership is all about risks: Be optimistic and take risks. Risk takers are more successful in life as taking risk extracts the best out of you. Think out of the box and be creative in your decisions and implement them in a right way with the help of your team. No one can stop you to achieve the maximum leadership potential.

4. Be clear about your leadership style and implement it accordingly: Being a leader, you must know your leadership style i.e. transformational, autocratic, and transactional or servant leader etc. Every leader has some different abilities and different approaches to lead the team. So awake your dominant style and be a good leader.

5. Be one step ahead of your team: You have to lead your team to the areas which you have already approached. If you are unsure of the positive outcomes then it will be difficult for you to lead the team effectively. Being a leader, you have to paint a picture of what is coming ahead so that the team feels motivated. And when you will stop progressing, you team will also do the same and the results would not be achieved in an effective manner.

6. Influencing matters, not beating: As you know that leadership is about influencing others to do some work. Being a leader, it’s your duty to motivate your team to give their say, suggestions and then coming up with a final decision with a combined effort of you and your team. You are building a larger network when you ask your team to give their suggestions and finally they are the ones who achieve the target results.

All these are the appeals to potential leadership. Know about some more appeals from Joseph Tramontana as he is the best leader in the industry

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