Learn About Recycled Paper In Printing

People are becoming more environmentally conscious, and they are constantly looking for ways that they can become more green. In general, people believe that recycled paper is the best paper to use when printing, but is it is important to recognize the facts and the myths about printing with recycled paper.

Some Facts About Recycled Paper

Recycled paper does do an amazing job of reducing waste. At the same time, a paper's complete lifecycle has to be taken into account before a sustainability determination can be made. There are different limitations when it comes to the use of recycled paper. If the recycled paper experiences a loss of strength and yield during the recycling process, then new paper is necessary. Some paper can only be recycled between 5 to 7 times, so if the the fibers have been recycled more than that, virgin paper has to be used. Even though we all want to be able to recycle our paper after it has been used, not all categories of paper can be recycled and reused for printing. All paper has a purpose when it comes to its use, and recycled paper needs to be recycled on virgin fiber, so even if a person wants to use recycled paper, it is not always an option when it comes to printing. 

A large number of paper companies use responsible forest management practices. This means that they plant trees to replace the trees that they are using to make paper. Generally, these companies plant between three and four trees for every one tree that they use. If an individual is concerned about the environmental impact of the paper that they are using, they do well to research paper company in order to see if the company has received credible certification that specifies its forest management practices. If the company is in compliance with these regulations, it is not only planting new trees, but it is using systems that are biodegradable and recyclable.

Get Info About The Printing

If an individual is looking for paper that is recyclable and sustainable, then they do well to pay attention to the paper vendor and to the variety of recycled papers that they offer. Apart from paper, it is wise to gain knowledge about the printing practices of the company. These things include the following: ink type, coating type, and the company's printing process. Even though recyclable paper is great for the environment, there are a large number of systems that a printing company can use that can greatly lower the company's environmental impact.

A Great Company When It Comes To Printing

CES&R Printing Services is a local business that give services to individuals and business. This is a company that uses innovative printing methods to provide high quality printing services. Their services include blueprints, marketing, invitations, and flyers. CES&R Printing Services does color printing, reprographics, high-volume printing, and oversize printing. CES&R Printing Services is a wonderful company when it comes to full service printing.

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Comment by Brian Rock on October 23, 2017 at 9:30am

Recycling paper is cool. Composting is another way to get extra use out of old paper and "recycle" the nutrients back into the soil. I saw a cool story on CNN10 last week about a project to recycle and compost old money that was being destroyed by shredding it and mixing it in with soil.

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