There are so many reasons that people should learn another language that it has become something that is commonly spoken about in conversation.  The most common issue that people have is figuring out what language they want to learn, finding a program that will teach them what they need to know, and truly sticking with it!


How do I choose what language to learn?


  • Job need

◦     There are certain professions that will find themselves in need of a person who speaks a certain language.  If you look at the government for many countries, they are often looking for people who speak a wide variety of languages so that they can converse with people from important areas that they do business with.  In other areas, businesses are looking to hire those with particular language skills to communicate with other members of the business team.


◦     If you travel to an area frequently, for business or for pleasure, you will find after a while that finding someone to help you translate your needs can get to be hindrance.  It can serve to be quite the reward to take the time to learn their native tongue so that in the future when you vacation or travel there for business, you can speak to people on your own!


 Family members

◦     Many times people will marry into a family that has people who speak another language.  Not only is is respectful of their culture to take the time to learn their language, but it can help you grow closer as a family if you are able to communicate with them the way that they are most comfortable.


Local area

◦     If you live in an area where people speak another language almost as much as they speak the primary language, it would not hurt you to learn their native tongue.  This can help you communicate with people on a daily basis in your community because you are coming face to face with them in many different types of situations.


What are some ways I can learn another language?


  • Online courses

◦     There are many different courses that are offered online that provide students with a guide to vocabulary, videos and sound clips that can be watched to listen and learn how to pronounce certain things, and tests that grade how well you are grasping the material.  People choosing to learn languages online have the added benefit of always having their knowledge when they want it.

  • Software

◦     There are various types of software available that you can purchase that teaches you different languages, but this software can be very expensive and does not give you the same feedback that you would receive if you were receiving instruction from a real person, whether in person or over the internet.


With the advance of the internet, it is being used to do almost everything, including learn languages online.  People are seeing the added benefit of having a second language that they are able to use, and are taking the time that they are at home with their computer to increase their knowledge and better their skills by learning a new language!

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