Autoflowering cannabis strains have only recently become popular in the last few years, as beginners and experts alike move towards these autoflowering strains for greater yields, which are easier to grow due to their resistance and the fact that they can be grown throughout the year. It only takes 7-11 weeks to harvest an autoflowering strain after planting your autoflower seeds.





Choosing the correct soil is vital to the success of your grow. You will quickly realize that autoflowering strains like soil which is light and airy, with low levels of nutrients. This is why we would recommend that you buy soil which is a lighter mix than standard shop bought potting soil. You can use normal soil if you are on a budget, but to maximize the chances of a higher yield, the lighter mix is recommended.




Nutrition is a key thing to consider. As previously mentioned, autoflowering strains don’t require as much nutrients than normal strains, so use them sparingly. At the start, your plants will need just water. After a fortnight, it is then recommended that you add nutrients, and increase the amount used up until 6 weeks for maximum effect.




If you are growing indoors, we would recommend around 18-24 hours of light a day. Many people say 18 hours is the best amount of time, but this varies between growers.


Why a Good Start is so Important…?


As you will probably know already, autoflowering strains have a short vegetative stage, which essentially means that they only have a small amount of time to bush out. This is why giving them a good start is vital to the success of your grow. For strains that you are looking to grow outside, we would recommend first starting off your grow indoors under lighting, then move the plants outside later.

Autoflowering strains have many advantages compared to conventional cannabis strains. They are particularly suited to growers who are looking to grow their strains outside or for those of us who live in countries which are not overly keen on cannabis cultivation.

Because we would call autoflowering strains a “straight out of the tin” solution for novice growers, they allow you to get to grips with the basics and offer whole year-round yields, which is useful for medicinal patients who need a year-round supply of cannabis for their various ailments.

It is possible to buy autoflowering seeds from Anubis Seeds, who are a reliable seed merchant with a wide range of autoflowering strains to choose from.

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