Nowadays, children have different technological amenities and electronic devices at their disposal. Although it can be argued that technology or, to be more precise, smartphones and online games can be a major hindrance to children’s learning, no one can deny the fact that, at the same time, it can also be quite beneficial. Since kids enjoy spending their time in the virtual world, why not use this to your advantage? You can use technology and all its interesting features to make your children’s learning more engaging and fun, which will significantly enhance their overall school performance. Here are several tech learning tricks that will catch the attention of your children.

Transformation of 2D photos

Children love cartoons, so imagine how delighted they would be to make one. You can find computer software that can transform your children’s sketches and drawings into real animations. They’ll have a world of fun doing it while also developing their creativity and artistic skills. In addition, this type of software can also reinforce learning about different topics, so your children will reap educational benefits, as well. At first, you can help them figure out how these programmes work and later on, they’ll be able to do this completely on their own. They can create a story, add music and watch their work come to life. They might even discover a passion for animation!

YouTube tutorials

YouTube isn’t meant just for entertainment – it’s rich in educational material, talks, lectures, how-to instructions, etc. It can be a valuable source of information and there’s something for everyone. Thus, you should dive into the informational world of YouTube videos and find something that will interest your kids. It can be a fun, educational cartoon or a simplified explanation of a difficult lesson. For example, if your child hasn’t understood a certain lesson in class, you can search YouTube for a simpler, more detailed explanation.

Learning apps

Technology has brought a plethora of learning apps and platforms that can make learning much easier and fun. Experienced educators all over the world contribute with their knowledge and post interesting lessons, exercises and even entire lectures. If you’re children have difficulties with learning a foreign language, they can try language learning apps, such as Rosetta Stone or Duolingo, that are quite effective and engaging. You can find other types of learning apps and platforms that can meet your children’s educational needs.

Learning through play

Children enjoy playing games and they would rather spend hours in the virtual world than 30 minutes doing homework. However, you can easily find educational, but fun games for kids that will motivate them to learn and study. These games can provide them with visual stimulation, enhance their problem-solving skills and even help them learn math. With online games, not only will your child have fun learning, but they’ll actually love it!

Podcasts and audios

Another great way to make your children’s learning fun is listening and creating podcasts and audios. This is a particularly effective method for children who are predominantly auditory learners and prefer listening to explanations or lessons. You can find podcasts of fun lessons or interesting stories that can stimulate your child’s imagination. Your child can also create their own podcasts with your help. They can come up with their own stories, explain certain lessons in their own words and share their materials with their friends. This is also a great opportunity for your child to learn more about simple audio editing, which can spark their interest.

Technology-mediated interaction

Social interaction is of the utmost importance for children’s development and learning. Through interaction with their peers, they can enhance their social skills, emotional intelligence and cognitive development while also acquiring more comprehensive knowledge. Thus, it’s important that your children interact with their peers – you can schedule conference calls, ask their friends to come over and let them play educational video games, create chat groups online, etc.

Technology offers numerous benefits to children’s development and, with the right approach and parental supervision, the drawbacks can be minimised or even erased.

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