Locked Out Alone? Call Up All Hour Locksmith!

Locking your keysin the car can be a stressful experience. Locking them in your car late at night when there’s no one around can be downright nerve racking. Standing there in the dark, alone, you will need to run through the resources that may be at your disposal to resolve the situation. Consider which of these scenarios provides the fastest, safest solution to your predicament.

Phone A Friend?

If it’s late at night and you are concerned about loitering in a sketchy neighborhood, calling a friend to pick you up can be a viable option. If they are close by, you’ll at least be home safely. That is, if your house key isn’t also locked in the vehicle. While getting to a secure location is possibly the most important thing on your mind, the vehicle remains there with the keys visible. You may be calling the insurance company tomorrow to report a loss.

Smash The Window?

It’s surprising how many people think about damaging their vehicle when they lock the keys inside. Few actually follow through on this impulse. Aside from potentially injuring yourself, it is highly unlikely that the insurance company will not pay for the owner-inflicted damage. Also, you can expect that you won’t have a vehicle for at least a few days while it’s being repaired.

Call Roadside Assistance?

Outfits like AAA and others offer roadside assistance at no additional cost than the membership fee. A tow truck driver may come out with a “Slim Jim” and pop open the door. For those who have not yet utilized this service, not every vehicle can be opened in this fashion. Also, roadside assistance drivers generally take no liability for damage if the mechanisms inside the door become unhinged during the process. Breakage is not uncommon and guess what? Your vehicle is back at the body shop getting repaired.

Another option can be simply to have the vehicle towed home. Many of the roadside services provide a certain number of cost-free miles until the charges kick in. These can end up being pretty expensive if you do not live close by. Once you find your spare key, everything will be in order.

But the biggest problem may be waiting in that dangerous areas for 60 minutes or longer until someone arrives. That’s a long time to be in a vulnerable situation all by yourself.

Call A Roadside Locksmith?

The idea of calling a locksmith to solve the problem doesn’t occur to enough people. You are, after all, dealing with a lock issue and not an automotive malfunction. Unlike the overburdened tow truck drivers that are dealing with dead batteries, flat tires and drivers who run out of gas, roadside locksmith services are laser focused on your specific problem, unlocking the car. These services tend to be a fast, cost-effective option and won’t result in damage to your vehicle. Frankly, a roadside locksmith can probably get to you faster than a friend. And, you won’t need to retrieve the vehicle later.

If you find yourself locked out of your vehicle or have a key-related emergency, call All Hour Locksmith for immediate assistance 24 hours per day, 7 days a week at (801) 833-3220.

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